Batman: Arkham Knight Future Content Revealed By Game’s Files

Future Batman: Arkham Knight content has been discovered by a fan by checking out the game's files. The content includes costumes and more

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junir1142d ago

Regardless of how many costumes are there, I always tell everyone to complete the main story with the default costume just to see how masterfully Rocksteady adds damage to the costume after every story mission.

rashada071142d ago

You know I think my game glitched lol I always had a clean pressed batsuit.. I didn't pick the other costume; occasionally the batsuit would go with the battered look but switch back.

Blueraven3161142d ago

The game is great. Glad I have a ps4

UKmilitia1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

but its true,because its ran flawless for me on my ps4 since day one.
awesome game .

back to topic,im annoyed its on disc and this is the exact reason i wont buy DLC,hold content back to sell after.
hate the world that gaming has become and it should be illegal for the DLC to be on disc or be installed as patch so that a quick buy activates it.

fallacious1142d ago

totally unlike yours right

Aaroncls71142d ago

Quick FYI: It runs perfectly on high end PCs.

Even better with Nvidia's DSR(Dynamic Super Resolution) which lets you set the resolution from 2715 x 1527p to 3840 x 2160p(4k). Though at the highest resolution setting, even a 980ti has a few, minimal hitches.

Our testing included systems with these cards 970, 980ti, i5 to i7 processors, 1080p and 4k TVs, and a PS4.

The PS4 version looks amazing; but sadly it suffers from poor anti-aliasing(which is typical) and is stripped of a few key features that make the PC version seriously impress (smart smoke, enhanced rain, etc) though I am not sure if these features are exclusive to Nvidia card users :(

Our conclusion was that obviously Warner Bros said "f*ck it" and released a port that was apparently tested and ok'd on high end machines, which was a pretty dumb decision with costly consequences.

masso91121142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

No, it's just incomplete data added on a compatibility patch

_-EDMIX-_1142d ago

...nope. They already have certain script on the data to add content to. It has nothing to do with the content already existing or being "on disc" etc.

You could find some PS3 code on Bioshock on PC...that doesn't mean you can put that PC version in your PS3, it just means they have some script, code etc written for it when that version or content is done.

I'm actually pretty sure Witcher 3 likely has certain file place holders for their planned DLC.

I'm sorry but not really knowing how game development works, likely leads to such assumptions.

deadpoolio3161142d ago

ASSumptions are bad.....There is a major difference between on disc DLC and incomplete data/placeholders for later content

WizzroSupreme1142d ago

Sure hope there's free-roam for all the DLC characters in Gotham City.

wannabe gamer1142d ago

So a ton of skins...aka useless crap

Phoenix761142d ago

This is why I never buy into season passes.