7 Female Characters Changing the Face of Video Game Heroes

Playboy: When it comes to main characters in video games—and even secondary characters to a large degree—most of them are dudes. A true festival of sausages. Just looking at the main characters of many of any given year’s biggest games, it’d be hard to tell them apart if you squinted just a bit.

But this year is different, especially after the huge number of female game protagonists showcased during June’s E3 video game conference. These are the women we can’t wait to play as in the next couple of years of gaming.

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DualWielding988d ago

you should wait to play the games before passing judgment on any characters... you cannot if the characters would be good or not until you have played the game... being female does not automatically make them good characters

itsjustexuma988d ago

Aloy and Batgirl are amazing

Cy988d ago

This. And it's pretty ignorant to say all the "dudes" are hard to tell apart, especially when almost every single one of those female characters are uniformly beautiful and fit.