Ratchet & Clank PS4 Development Done – Franchise’s Sales Stalled

"The newest entry in the Ratchet & Clank franchise has been in development for quite some time, but that seems to no longer be the case with the games development reportedly complete. A source close to BGU – a representative of Australian retailer EB Games who attended E3 – has confirmed that while at the June event, the topic of the game’s development timeline was brought up, where those Playstation and Insomniac employees manning the game declared that the game was 100% complete." - BGU

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robtion1230d ago

Dont know about this story, sounds made up to me.

If they released it today I would buy it. Love Ratchet and Clank.

uptownsoul1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I disagree with you... If they're making a movie & a game that goes with that movie, then they should leverage both off of each other…They would only need to make 1 major marketing push & each product (the movie & the game) are both marketing for each other.

robtion1230d ago

I hear what you're saying but I find it hard to believe they have completely finished the game 100% almost a year before they are going to release it.

If they have that is incredibly poor planning to have a game sitting, dating for a year before you release it.

KwietStorm1230d ago

If it were a case where it was a somewhat unknown IP or something new-ish that would instantly thrive off that promotional boost, sure, but this is Ratchet & Clank. I honestly don't even know how much synergy the game and movie would have with each other, if we're just talking about sales. This franchise has been around for generations. Looking at Sony's first and second party lineup for the rest of this year, if this game actually is 100% complete, I would think it would be a good idea to release it.

smashman981230d ago

To be fair the movie was supposed to come out early 2015

callahan091230d ago

I don't know if it's true that it's finished or not (I doubt it, but you never know I guess), but if it is true, the article answers it's own question!

"The question will no doubt be brought up regarding why the game will not be released this year given that it is complete, but it seems reasonable to conclude that Sony is waiting to launch the game alongside the film to maximise its sales potential while releasing it this year, in a relatively quite Holiday period for exclusives on the PS4 would be like sending it out to die."

Obviously Sony wants to release it alongside the movie. Makes sense to me.

nicksetzer11230d ago

I'll buy it either way, there are plenty of games to play and it is april 2016 so not long after holiday anyway. Why not hold it back until the coinciding film? makes sense to me, not sure how it is a news story.

RJ920091230d ago

Then why is it coming out next year???

IIFloodyII1230d ago

Because the movie is? Makes sense Sony would sit on it until the movie is close, market both at the same time. I doubt it's a 100% done though, most games nowadays aren't that complete a few months after release, nevermind before.

gamerz1230d ago

I pre-ordered this game last month and it was supposed to release at the end of July. I guess that changed?

mac_sparrow1230d ago

I'd say wherever you preordered from hadn't changed their date, the film and as a result, game, we're delayed months ago.

Shame as I'm looking forward to both.

morganfell1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I am not sure who you were ordering from but they gave you bad information. The Ratchet and Clank delay was announced back in early May.

As far as the article mentioning slaes stall, this is just one more sign of buyers putting less emphasis on games from previous generations.

Darkfist1230d ago

playing the demo at e3 made me sad knowing that i have to wait next year to play this awesome game

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