The "Wii Heritage Theory"explained

NextGen Watercooler Writes: "I'm fairly confident Nintendo is already planning the next console.It'll have HD,a nice sized Hardrive plus the motion controls of the Wii.Nintendo has been conservative on their pricing on the Wii in order to make money,unlike Microsoft and Sony who have been losing money on their consoles.Nintendo is establishing a large base that associates fun and entertainment with the name "Wii".Nintendo also knows they will have to go into the HD business sooner or later.

They will establish the large base and then setup the "Wii HD" to take on Sony and Microsoft at their own game.The console might not have the total features of the next Playstation or Xbox but it'll be close to what the current PS3 has installed with better graphics."

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ChickeyCantor3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Its freaking obvious what the next step is, they showed that motion gaming is "fun". When the next Nintendo comes out, Nintendo will surely convince their audience that Visuals plus motion gaming = the best experience.

but untill then...cookie time.

edit: I like what the Cell in the PS3 can do, now imagin two of that is a GPU....

BrotherNick3642d ago

Maybe it'll come around 250 dollars as well :) sweet price.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

Yep, i dont think Nintendo will ever go higher than that.

fenderputty3642d ago

the next gen graphics will be something Nintendo focuses on for their next console? That would be catering to the hardcore gamer. They're not interested in the hardcore gamer as much. Look at E3 for proof. Nintendo will do what they did this gen. Come out with a similar console, up the graphic a little bit and keep the price low. All the while coming out with games like Wii Fit and such to sell to grandmas and the like.

If, by some act of God, Nintendo does come out with a system that's powerful enough to compete with PS3's and 360's successors, I will be more than happy to jump in. I just don't see that happening.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago

Why dont you see that happening?
GCN/N64 all power houses.
Next logical step is Visuals simply because they proved their controller to be solid.
Who says at the end of the Wii there is no cheap GPU doing lots of stuff on screen?

fenderputty3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

because Nintendo is raking in the cash from a completely different demographic now. The Wii is making gaming mainstream. The masses are eating it up. Why would they want to re-focus their system on the hardcores? Right now, the Wii is on its own so to speak. All while the PS3 and 360 are battling it out over a totally different demographic. I've seen and talked to SOOOOOO many people that are 45/50+ that LOVE the Wii. Those people don't care about games like KZ2 or Gears. In short, they've created themselves a cash cow and, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Silver3603642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

will buy another console? It is the thing to have now for parties and fun. But if you are a casual gamer why would you need to upgrade? Only the hardcore buy new consoles when they first come out. Nintendo will have a hard time repeating this feat if they lose the hardcore this generation.

Edit how do you tell people that spent $250 on their first console that it isn't good enough anymore? I know gamers know that consoles turn over every 4 - 5 years, but do these casual people know that and will they feel betrayed when they learn a new console is coming out.

ChickeyCantor3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

It depends on how you plan your marketing.
Nintendo really convinced their crowd with what they have else it would not be selling.
With the next Nintendo console, if they pull off the same promotion tricks they will surely "upgrade".
If you just sit down and do nothing ofcourse they wont buy it.
And lots of casuals got a PS2....and now own a Wii.

btw they already had a hard time since " core " gamers did not support them like 2 generations.

No one said GFX that make you go "wow".
ofcourse they will go HD and what not.
Also because something is not broken, does not mean you can't improve it?(Motion plus?)

sumfood4u3641d ago

I enjoy my Wii, lack of space kinda sucks as bad as people disagree with people who want the Wii to have more space in the 1st place?

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ia_studio3642d ago

I hope they don't dissapoint me this time.

Wii60Fan3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Nintendo finally decides to have hard drives and HD graphics on their machine, microsoft and sony will already be into the 2nd or third iteration of high defininition graphics.

Look how long it took for them to adopt an optical based medium.

Ju3642d ago

Guess in 2012 it doesn't really matter. Don't need a crystal ball to figure that out. They can take a then 4 year old gpu and easily reach 1080p. That's all they need. I'd guess, well, yeah, obviously they'll support HD. Curious what CPU they are gonna use. Break away and use a new AMD/ATI cpu/gpu combo ??? Or stick with PPC (Gecko?) or even go down the next CELL route ? (I place a bet here, the next 360 will have one, too. QUAD-PPU and some SPUs ?). A PPU derivate could possible run Wii code, and a new gen ATI chip could have a "Holywood" mode...

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

if you think about it, the Cell has 8 right?
What if Nintendo( or any other company) devides it to 4.
Then you have 4 processors for GFX and CPU...
wouldn't that be ....enough? if you can see whats being done now with the GPU of 360 or PS3, what about 4 times the calculation power?