Republican Congresswoman Claims Terrorists Communicating Via Japanese Video Game Sites

Gamepolitics Reports: "There have been a number of instances in which U.S. government officials have attempted to link video game technology with terrorism, occasionally with comic results.

GamePolitics has just located a terrorism speech delivered in May, 2007 by Rep. Sue Myrick (left). We don't believe this has been previously reported in either the gaming or mainstream press.

In the speech, the North Carolina Republican, a member of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee, offers no explanation or amplification while linking terrorist training with "Japanese video game websites":

"Terrorists frustrate our intelligence agencies because they use Internet techniques that can't be easily traced... They are sending training and recruitment videos over Japanese video game Web sites because the traffic and file sizes are so large, intelligence officers cannot easily differentiate jihadist files from regular video game files. They post pornographic sites as the front to their Web sites because they know government workers are forbidden to access pornographic Web sites and therefore cannot go further to access their actual Web site...

We must not allow the Internet to be a safe haven for terrorists."

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TheColbertinator3588d ago


What a loooooad of garbage!

Megaton3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Get ready for another "necessary piece of legislation" to steal our remaining internet privacy so we can be "protected from terror on the interweb".

Just when you think it can't become anymore embarrassing to be an American, the government pulls another gem out of their asses.

games4fun3588d ago

i am an American i couldnt get to sleep, so i load up this page and


i'm proud to be an American but our politicians should shove it sometimes, the only real thing that gets taken care of in congress/senate is when they need to pass a bill to raise their salaries.

I think that the politicians should be rewarded with results, they're salaries adjust for inflation but salary increase should go by how many millions they have in surplus to start paying off that national debt

Megaton3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Yeah, our entire government fails really hard, not just the conservatives. They both fail in different ways, but with equal prowess and expertise. I can't watch political news for 5 minutes without seeing something facepalm-worthy.

I'm not anti-American, but I'm certainly not proud to be an American right now.

games4fun3588d ago

i love my country and i'm proud to be in it, we have alot of freedoms its just that lobbyists and special interest groups have gotten a stranglehold on the government that i dont know how we're going to get rid of.

Zeevious3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

1 - By the People for the People.
Each person can only contribute $4000 to a candidate.
Lobbyist/Interests can contribute millions.
Won't that candidates loyalties lie with the biggest wallet?
- Limit Lobbyist & people to a reasonable contribution level.
- Problem solved.

2 - Children need to pass standardized test between grades in school.
Require this same accountability from anyone elected.
Simply write their campaign promises on a checklist.
- At the end of their term, add up their 'promises kept' score and grade them A to F.
- This score is published.
- Anyone getting a D or less doesn't get party funds to run again.
- Problem solved.

3 - Stop the bickering stalemate that has become our government.
Two parties is simply not enough...we end up YoYo's being yanked back and forth, with each side doing two things:
Pointing their fingers at each other with blame.
Trying to get or maintain the majority control.
Both result in a stalemate and a system slowing any productive progress to a crawl.
- Establish either a minimum 3-5 parties can't be a majority stranglehold, or eliminate all party instead on the persons record & score we established above.
- Problem solved.

So 3 steps to accountability with a grade based on promises kept and eliminating the 'He said -- She said' unproductive stalemate we currently have.

Unfortunately, this all currently only works in the United States of Antarctica.

I'll get the U*Haul . . . Who's coming with me?

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ravinash3588d ago

Oh my god, their after us....They are everywhere...AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh! !!

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