Rock Band DLC for Week of July 29th

A Harmonix developer named "hmxsean" writes:

"Hey everybody,

Next week we have a nice little cross section of tracks. We have the amazing Testament, members of System of a Down in Scars on Broadway, perennial favorites Staind, and a .99 track from The New No 2. The Scars on Broadway track and the Staind track are both singles from their new albums being released through Rock Band. Awesome!

Tracks will be out on Tuesday on Xbox Marketplace and Thursday on the Playstation Store.


Scars on Broadway - They Say $1.99 (160 MS points)

Staind - This is It $1.99 (160 MS Points)

Testament - Electric Crown
$1.99 (160 MS Points)

The New No 2 - Yomp
99¢ (80 MS Points)"

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Lord_Ash3708d ago

Testament - electric crown is a wow, finally a song I'm really excited about, it's been a while.