Video games are Modern Day Myths

Keira Peney Writes: "It is interesting to see how many video games deal with stories that are mythological or legendary in nature, as opposed to creating a realistic, complex plot in the same way that a novel or a film might.

If we look at video games as diverse as Patapon, God of War, Age of Mythology, Grim Fandango, Age of Conan, Final Fantasy, and Viking: Battle for Asgard we can see obvious mythological aspects. However, even the less obvious games set themselves up in a mythological framework, as opposed to a plot-driven framework.

There is no easy way to define a 'myth' in opposition to a 'story' or a 'plot', since all these words overlap to an extent."

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InterfaceLeader3674d ago

Hmm, interesting blog. Not sure I buy that parallel directly though.