Miyamoto Stepping Down From Hardware Development is Good News for Nintendo

Gamnesia writes: In a recent interview, Nintendo EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that he is no longer in charge of hardware development. While he'll still observe the development process, he's no longer "actively participating and making decisions." Some are alarmed that the driving force behind most of Nintendo's successes is reducing his role, but Miyamoto stepping down from hardware development is actually good news for Nintendo.

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Cindy-rella1140d ago

Reggie, iwata and miyamoto should step down from current position. GameCube, wii and wii u failed core gamers. People can bring up wiis hardware sales but majority of wii owners arent core gamers.

Sano641140d ago

If they all step down no one with a backbone will be in charge and the stockholders will make Nintendo go completely "mobile"

Lightning Mr Bubbles1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Not the Gamecube. I thought the Gamecube was pretty good, I had games like Mario Sunshine, Windwaker, Super Smash Bros, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero.

I think the cube was the last decent console Nintendo made, and then the Wii came, and I lost all interest.

Sugreev20011140d ago

Gamecube was an excellent console. Infact the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube era had all three consoles with plenty of exclusives for each to satiate fans in-between 3rd party games. Gamecube had the one game where Nintendo genuinely took a chance - Eternal Darkness. That game alone epitomizes the Gamecube's rather eclectic library for such a small user base.

Loadedklip1140d ago

@ Lightning Mr. Bubbles ... all Nintendo systems have great 1st party titles and around a handful great exclusives from third parties.

Gamecube is no different than N64, Wii, and Wii U.

The problem is each of these lacks the multiplatform third party titles that are the MAIN reason why Playstation and X-Box are the more popular brands for core gamers.

It is really that simple.

Sureshot1140d ago

Though I never owned a game cube, I'd hardly say it failed core gamers..

link2Dpast1140d ago

It didn't and the ones who say it did can't give you any solid evidence on why it wasn't good. People claim it was the start of the downfall but it had metroid prime, starfox, mario sunshine, f zero, super smash bro melee, all the mario sports games were pretty fun and entertaining, star wars game was good as well,3rd party was good on the system. So yea that's just a few , so gamecube being bad is like someone saying they saw Bigfoot at disney, you could say it but it isn't true. Also I recommend you pick up a gamecube via ebay or craiglist it's really worth it, im a retro collector, I play my old systems way more than my new ones and gamecube is a good 85% of my game play, so pick one up before gamestop starts selling retro which they are soon and the hack up the prices which lead to regular sellers to do the same. Sorry for the long message love the gamecube

Lightning Mr Bubbles1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

The Gamecube was the last good Nintendo console for me. Regardless of the sales.

The Wii is what started the nightmare, and I can't wait for Nintendo to finally make a real console again. Hopefully the NX will be it.

REDDURT1140d ago

It did with the storage medium and third party support

G3n3raL861139d ago

This. Everything was all about PS2 back then. That doesn't mean that XBOX and GC were failures.

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gamingpro1140d ago

Ps4 has failed core gamers, with broken, easy, boring interactive movie games with poor gameplay, the casuals are loving it though hence the sales.

It's a shame casuals always outnumber "core gamers"

Wii U only has core gamers hence the low sales as core gamers go for quality games instead of overhyped crap.

gameboy11140d ago

Yes your right you dont get sales that good without casuals and to be honest in my last job all the 50 year old men had ps4's sad basically the wii gamers are on ps4.....

WiiU has sold 10 million
xbox1 has sold 12 million

this proves hardcore gamers are on these 2 platforms because with half the install base of ps4 they still sell games just as well in fact wiiu has the most million sellers...

Master-H1140d ago

"in my last job all the 50 year old men had ps4's"
You two guys above me are completely delusional, to say the least lol

Haru1140d ago

At least Sony tries to inovate and bring new Ip's every year unlike Nintendo who keeps re-relasing Mario Zelda and pokemon games over and over again or Microsoft that relases Forza Halo and Gears every year

Retroman1140d ago

"it's a shame casuals always out number core gamers "

bull she-it !!! casuals dont play assassin creed, call of duty, metal gear solid, mass effect, destiny, no man skys, last of us, uncharted, far cry, tomb raiders,skyrim, battlefield etc..... casuals play simple fun games. not games conquering the world as ultimate super assassin , or conquering islands super zombie killers . how fking BORING is that.

yes im a die hard casual gamer.

pompombrum1140d ago

Yeah you're totally right, Sony needs to make it up to core gamers by releasing a whole bunch of their own amiibos, that will redeem them /s

DillyDilly1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )


So Sony does not to sequels & remakes as well huh ? Sony is just as guilty as Microsoft & Nintendo

Kizwiz61140d ago

@Haru Oh, please. Stop acting like Sony doesn't milk franchises, ie Ratchet & Clank? There's just as many Uncharted games as there's Gears of War games.. in a shorter time span too. Yes, Nintendo rehashing sequels a lot, but Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon still sell enough for them to do so.

If gamers love and support a franchise, then of course there will be more games of it. Nothing wrong with that. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all do it. They'd he unwise not to.

Spyroo1140d ago

The salt is strong with this one ;)
Stay mad and keep crying kid haha

remixx1161139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Ummmmm really......I'm sorry but amiibo and Nintendo's games are for the most part as casual as it gets.....

Sony has games like the last of us, bloodborne, helldivers, drive club and guilty gear......none of which are all that casual or easy...

Nintendo fans have this rabbid obsessive nature to downplay other consoles and claim theirs is the hardcore one......the GameCube was the last time nintendo was for the hardcore...

Not to mention haru is correct, yes sony does release sequals to old IPS but they produce new ones as well......

To be honest after watching e3, it is clear sony has just as much favor for the hardcore as the casual...need I talk about horizon....

But no you guys are totally right, metroid blast ball, Yoshi wooly world, metroid federarion force and that incredibly archaic starfox gameplay demo were all about the hardcore...

.......amiibo suck.....give me back the nintendo I love....

Also gamingpro and gameboy.....judging by your comments....especially both your last must be the same person.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

And the majority of Wii bashers have not done any research into its best core offerings, which are a part of why its game attach rate per system was so decent.

Wii U and Gamecube were both far more core-focused than the Wii was, but everyone just uses the tired "mario machine" excuse to avoid giving the quality of their libraries fair credit.

But if it allows you to continue flipping the ends of your frilly skirt up in Nintendo's general direction, I guess you don't really care about those details...

tigertron1140d ago


I agree with what you said, except the part about the Gamecube failing core gamers. The Gamecube was the last proper console that Nintendo made. Its only failings were lack of third party support and Nintendo didn't bother to make use of the online capabilities.

Antifan1140d ago

The GC was more core gamer than Wii and Wii U combined. Better games, better controller, better everything.

BenRage31140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Gamecube did not have better games in my opinion than the Wii, at least not better 1st party games.

The mario galaxy series destroys sunshine. Skyward Sword is better the Twilight Princess and yes better than Wind Waker. Mario kart Wii, better than mario kart cube. Smash Bros you could argue the Gamecube version was better. Donkey Kong Country returns? Name a better side scrolling platformer on the Cube? Wii Sports Resort is still one of the best party games ever conceived.

Metroid Prime 3, Sin & Punishment, Muramasa, XenoBlade Chronicles, Kirby's Epic yarn, No More Heroes 1&2, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Monster Hunter Tri, Punch-Out, Goldeneye, Pandora's Tower & Last Story? <--Several core games on that list all rated highly.

People act like the Wii abandoned the core gamer, but how many casuals play Monster Hunter Tri? Core gamers abandoned the Wii by not supporting the games I just listed.

Sorry for the long post, but people have short memories regarding the hardcore experience that can be found on the Wii if you take a second to look.

REDDURT1140d ago

By this time he put his input on nx. Sony did it and we got the ps4.

fatneal1140d ago

brand loyalty and consumers buying into buzzwords like "core gamers" have ruined gaming

Sly-Lupin1139d ago

None of those systems failed core gamers.

3-4-51139d ago

Gamecube was a great console.

Something that small, yet it was more powerful than a PS2. Awesome console actually, with a great controller and some memorable games.

* They definitely need to go back to the SNES/N64/Gamecube days with the NX and only take the best from the Wii/Wii U era moving forward.

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Maybay1140d ago

All they need is hardware competent enough to receive cheap ports (that way, games won't cost a small fortune to port over, and third parties will make a decent return). Bring back the Wave Bird; Gamecube sized controller (wired or wireless), with analogue triggers.

Online service with party chat, ''true'' account system, and an optional Virtual Console subscription service.

wonderfulmonkeyman1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Do you really think that PS4 and XBone owners are going to get an NX for cheap ports?
They already have Witcher 3 and other big name multiplats on their own systems.
They aren't going to pay over a hundred bucks for an NX just to re-purchase what they already own, dude.
Especially if said ports don't include all their DLC.

Nintendo needs new exclusives and new multiplats.

Old ports just won't convince anyone with a brain to get an NX.
It would only cripple the NX and waste the time and money of third parties, to rely on nothing but old ports.

donwel1140d ago

I don't know man, they keep paying for remasters of games from last gen on PS4/Xbone so why not another remaster machine.

Maybay1140d ago

You misunderstood me.

By ''cheap ports,'' I meant publishers not having to spend a lot of money porting games over to the NX, which creates a positive ROI (return on investment). Having exclusive content is already a guarantee (even the Wii U has its fair share).

Cheap/easy port = a small group of people (perhaps 1 one person) porting games over to the NX without fear of lost returns.

Metallox1140d ago

Not really what I want to hear, he's actually just stopping the ambition in Nintendo games nowadays.

Paper Mario Sticker Star? Intelligent said they originally wanted something similar to TTYD, but Mr. Miyamoto said no, let's make an RPG-platformer.

Pikmin 3? Let's make a mini version of the first Pikmin. While the third game is good and all, they didn't wanted to improve anything like Pikmin 2 did. That disappointed my heart. But well, at least the series is alive thanks to him.

Star Fox Zero? Let's use the same engine from the remake of Star Fox 64 for Nintendo 3DS. You gotta admit it, the game looks horrendous, not only when speaking of graphics, but the overall design is pretty bare bones. Enemies are super decent and the environments, well, they are uninspired as well.

Even then, it's good to see that he finally isn't that involved in the company.

bass4g1140d ago

That whole paper Marino thing gets blown out of proportion. All he said was "you need to have some new element to this" because he didn't want the series to stagnate. He's not the one who turned it into a puzzle plat former or the one who came up with the sticker mechanic. Also pikmin 3 was waaaaaay better than pikmin 2 what are you smoking? Pikmin 2 was easy as hell and the only thing it really added was the randomised dungeons.

Metallox1140d ago

"because he didn't want the series to stagnate." In that case, I would have loved to saw that.

Pikmin 3 isn't waaaay better than 2, in fact, it's worse. Pikmin 3 is way easier and the "randomised" dungeons is what made Pikmin 2 special. If it's easy for you is because, just maybe, you use Purple Pikmin througout all the dungeons, and that's fair, isn't it? But they for the beginners and people that want to have a good time.

Pikmin 2 also has solid level design, but it lacks in comparison to Pikmin 3, I'm not going to deny that, so that's one point for the third entry.

What about the music? The one in Pikmin 3 feels like you are in a garden, wherease the music of the other two games transports you to an alien planet, and let me tell you, I'd rahter be on the alien planet. This issue makes feel like Pikmin 3 is very minimalistic.

There are not so many enemies either. How many Bulborbs of any kind do you fight in the whole campaign? 8. How many new enemies there are in Pikmin 3? Not many. How are the bosses? They are just about right, but nothing spectacular.

However, don't get me wrong, I love Pikmin 3, it's in fact among my favorite Wii U games along with SM3DW and Bayonetta 2, I just find it way less inmersive than the other two games.

gameboy11140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

It's not bare bones you idiot its as good as it can look considering they are trying to emulate the old look only using modern graphics ect so in the end you won't end up with something looking like XenobladeX or Zelda mate it looks the way it looks on purpose,they didn't try to make masseffect starfox and end up with what they got you do understand that don't you ? look at MassEffect 3 special edition on wiiu the graphics destroy the same game on ps3/360 and with twice the framerate/resolution so don't try and make out wiiu is a slouch in graphics because it simly is not....LegoCity still has by far the best graphics of any lego game,NFS mostwanted u has the best car physics and night time graphics still in a NFS game period and it was open world,WiiU is no slouch...

Plus people that played it say it look super slick yes the graphics but needed a little cleaning up...

aerisbueller1140d ago

It looks like crap, and it's not because of some retro modern thing. It's because it's rendering two views at once. And if they were planning to do stuff like that, they should have built a more powerful console.

UNKLE1140d ago

sony shuld buy nintendo.. then it would be sonytendo...

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