Augmented Play: Could HoloLens Spell the Death of Traditional, Physical-Screen Gaming?

After the HoloLens' impressive E3 2015 display, and the coming onslaught of virtual reality hardware questions, what lies ahead for traditional gaming, and should fans be concerned?

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SlappingOysters1257d ago

I'd love to say it could, but I think it will simply be to niche in the way it can actually influence gameplay.

freshslicepizza1256d ago

i don't get these sensationalized titles all the time. death of traditional gaming? i think not, it's just another way of playing games.

UKmilitia1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

its going to have huge limitations that we wont hear about for a while,so it wont replace normal screens. ]

imo i will give it a year before there is eople having issues.
we already in a generation where more and more people wearing glasses,people really are gonna have square eyes.

s45gr321256d ago

The holo lens has enough space for people that wear glasses

UKmilitia1256d ago

my glasses comment is the fact people have bad eyesight from the amount of screens there looking at.
,mobiles,pc monitors,tablets,tvs

Bigpappy1256d ago

No it will not replace anything. I like it more as a portable device. I could see myself using it to project my game on wall or table say, while waiting in a doctors office or sitting on a train even on a plane.

But I have no interest in having these devices trapped too my head for the amount I time I spend in my RPG's in one sitting. I also have concerns about eye strain and the price is a huge factor.

Macka10801257d ago

The cost is certainly going to be a prohibitive factor. Plus the stigma of wearing technology on your head, which is going to take quite a while to become acceptable in traditional society.

SlappingOysters1257d ago

You rekcon? What about Bluetooth headsets and headphones in general, seems prevalent?

Macka10801257d ago

I think the fact that it covers the eyes is going to be tough for a lot of people to get over. Eye contact is a primary component of conversation, whereas a set of headphones can be mostly 'tuned out' from interaction. Talking to someone who could be literally inhabiting an entirely different world at the same time is an odd idea to grapple with.

meanthyme1256d ago

The point you made about disassociation is probably the most level headed intelligent response I've ever seen on n4g. Thanks for that.

rainslacker1256d ago

I think just looking at how well Google Glass was accepted by the masses is evidence enough to support your argument. Beyond the feeling that you are being a douche latching onto the most current trend, other people are not going to really be comfortable around technology like this, because there is no way to know what the other person is doing with a computer on their head. Google glass was not even allowed in a lot of establishments, because it could be used to take pictures and videos of people without their knowledge. Even though cell phones can do this as well, it's hard to do without being obvious in many cases.

Some people will say others have to get with the times...because technology advances and all...but the truth of the matter is is that it takes decades for new socially accepted forms of interactions become something that can be tolerated by everyone. Most people still prefer to interact with others in very traditional manners when they are face to face with another person.

uth111257d ago

No. It's hard to tell the story you want to tell or have immersion when the developer has no control of the environment the player is in.

It might be good for certain types of games, but it won't replace traditional gaming

SlappingOysters1257d ago

What about the "where you tell your own story" theory?

Spotie1256d ago

Did you skip right past the "certain types of games" part of his comment on purpose?

Naga1256d ago

@ uth11

That's a really interesting point that I hadn't considered. So much creativity in good storytelling involves clever methods of limiting the perspective of the audience.

So while this new technology may bring a new sense of freedom for the audience, it may actually create new difficulties and limitations for the storyteller.

shipnabottle1257d ago

I think it will be another platform, and done right a perfectly viable one, but I think the experience would be too different to flat screen traditional gaming to outright replace it.

s45gr321256d ago

PC is the only platform that has the technology, power, and able to keep up with virtual reality and augmented reality.

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