Hand of Fate Cancelled For PS Vita

PSInsider author writes: Hand of Fate was released earlier this year on PS4 with a PS Vita version scheduled to release later this year. I have some bad news for those of you that were looking forward to the Vita version, myself included. This week, developer Defiant Development announced that they will be cancelling the PS Vita release.

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techologie1175d ago

bummer. This was actually a decent game on the ps4

robtion1174d ago

Meh, doubt anyone will care much, I certainly don't.

Christopher1174d ago

Unity needs to improve their engine for Vita and similar devices.

Christopher1174d ago

To those who disagree with me:

Hand of Fate "In our case, we developed the game in Unity - so making the game for PC gets us Linux + Mac builds relatively easily.

For Vita, the memory requirements are pretty steep - which means a lot of work changing everything to fit. Much more than we anticipated.

I'm sure the Vita version would have been more popular than the Linux version - just much harder, as well."

Eidolon1174d ago

So it's a developer problem.

Christopher1174d ago

No, it's a time issue.

Developer does not have that much time and Unity requires a lot more time to make it work on Vita than it does on other platforms.

WizzroSupreme1174d ago

Another one down for the count on Vita. Shame.

robtion1174d ago

Yeah the vita is a good device, I started off loving it but it has slowly let me down over time. Not as powerful as was stated, lack of L2/R2 buttons, various other annoyances.

sypher1174d ago

It's one of the reason's theres a few great studios that specialize in porting to the Vita - wish they would of done that (rather than trying to do it themselves).

It's a shame we won't get a Vita release, guess we can always do remote play though :p

KryptoniteTail1173d ago

Oh man, this sucks. I really wanted this on Vita. Quite a blow to the system, IMO.