Nintendo's Desire for More Gamers is Anything But 'Casual'

Katsuya Eguchi might have the toughest job at Nintendo. As the head of the Kyoto game maker's Software Development Group No. 2, Eguchi (pictured right) produces the company's flagship "expanded audience" titles like Wii Sports, the pick-up-and-play experiences that are bringing new gamers in by the truckload to Nintendo's fold. The Wii's unprecedented success -- well over 25 million units sold in less than two years -- is in great part down to the killer apps produced by Eguchi's team.

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ChickeyCantor3707d ago

"When you say hard-core gamer, who's the hard-core gamer? Because in my opinion, someone who sits and plays Animal Crossing for hours upon hours -- isn't that a hard-core gamer?"

Altough its been said by many other N4G members, this guy has a point.

solidsnakus3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

nintendo is poisoning the video game market.nintendo is proving they can make a shiit load of money by selling it to moms and kids. now MS is starting to follow and next sony. maybe next gen we wont have any more mgs4,GeOW2.. instead well get some lame controler and bunch of shovelware.

kindi_boy3707d ago

that thought makes me shiver in fear

thebudgetgamer3706d ago

when another underpowered console compared to the other two consoles on the market at the time was dominating in sales and controlled the casual audience allowing for a flood of bad games witch allmost led to the downfall of video games now nintendo is on the way to flooding the market with shovelware to the point where even good games get caught in the tidal wave of mediocre software and with them doing so well its my fear that the other comapnys will follow in nintendos lead and at some point we are destined to repeat the crash of 83