Two New Japanese Titles Confirmed for Xbox One

A couple of new titles have been announced from way over seas as game developers Fly System and Yokogo Systems have confirmed a new title each - Magical Battle Festa and Rev Ersi Quest, respectively.

Starting with Magical Battle Festa, the hack and slash title will see a team of magical girls who have formed a support unit called the "Madou machine".

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gamer78041260d ago

Was kinda hoping for some regular non indie titles. Would love to see more Japanese games on Xbox even if ms has to pay them for brining it since Japan sales are low.

FarEastOrient1260d ago

I hope these do okay or they were paid a lot. These poor things were sent to die.

Nosred1260d ago

I hope Phil bring great JRPGs for next year as Blue Dragon, The Lost Odyssey among others ...

SatanicEyeJesus1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Guess what? Nobody will buy. I feel very sorry for those devs. Hope they manage to break the contract with M$ and start to develop games for Nintendo and/or Sony.

gamer78041260d ago

It's probably timed. These games don't look very good at all :(

ScorpiusX1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

They hit states side their mine , but to say no one will buy them is a bit much

Nosred1260d ago

Because no one will buy? You're telepath by chance. Non is because the Xbox is American people will no longer buy Japanese games, see you grow not everyone lives in his alienated world of Sony.

bf0007779661260d ago

congratulate, xbox gamers in Japan, and I hope these are not coming to PS4 too soon.

HawaiianDreads1260d ago

Depends on how they do and if the developer is happy with the results. I remember one game that came to the Xbox One and wasn't suppose to come to PS4, but due to low sales he release it to the PS4 also.

5yb5n6u1260d ago

you know, when im thinking about xbox brand, "magical girl" (no, yennefer doesnt count)must be somewhere along the last thing coming to mind.

PlayableGamez1259d ago

MS does need more Japanese games.

mcstorm1259d ago

I agree they do but I do think Microsoft will look to hit this market next year rather than this year. If you look at how Phil is running the Xbox decision now he showed off the big name games at e3 that sell very well in the us. Gears, halo, Forza etc and saved some of the games that should sell better to the European markets like quantum break, crack down etc. I think Japan will be the last market they look to push in this gen as I do think it is a bit of a dead market for the Xbox one at this moment in time and if they can get back the USA and uk from Sony and start to sell better in Europe I think they will then look to try in Japan because if anyone can pull it off over there it would be Phil.

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