New Xbox One System Software Updates in Preview Fix Party App and Parental Settings

Between yesterday and today Microsoft released two new system software updates of the Xbox One for preview members, focusing on fixing issues related to the party app and parental settings.

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Shazz1020d ago

was thinking that exact same thing lol

Anomander1020d ago

I'd rather have the Win 10 update!

Anomander1013d ago

Not soon enough :) I just picked up a Samsung EVO 850 (500GB) to run Win 10. Thay way if either the wife or kids are watching TV I can stream some games to the PC. Looking forward to see how it all plays out.

BillytheBarbarian1020d ago

Does Netflix and some games stay frozen if you don't do a hard reset for you guys?

I seem to always have to unplug it completely.

cowboysfan1020d ago

Yup mine keeps freezing. Hard reset 3 times tonight.

babadivad1020d ago

I've never had to do that. You guys should send your systems in while they are still under warranty. I had to ship my controller in because of the faulty analog stick kept drifting. Point being, get it fixed while you're still under warranty.