Project Morpheus Ups the Ante With Multiplayer Game

"Project Morpheus, Sony’s shiny VR headset, is on the floor at E3 this year, and is boasting a new and exciting thing: a multiplayer VR game. The new game, called RIGS, is a 3-on-3, first-person shooter game that lets you play with your friends in virtual reality." GamerFitnation

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Lets see how this will hold up down the line. Sony has a habit of abandoning their peripherals.

Spenok1174d ago

To be fair, who doesn't?


XBOX actually stood behind the Kinect the 1st time around and it worked for them.

HaveAsandwich1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

oh snap. that article makes me want to play asap.

GreenUp1175d ago

Would love to have this for Gran Turismo, and BF4.

bumnut1174d ago

You will meed a PC to play games of that calibre in VR.

GreenUp1173d ago

So what's the point of it on PS4 if you can't even play decent games?

bumnut1171d ago

VR experiences are still mind blowing, just don't expect any AAA shooters are racing games as they are too demanding.

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