Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Specialists Adds Personality to Multiplayer – E3 2015

"Call of Duty Black Ops 3 dropped many bombs during E3 2015—from their exclusive a month first content on PlayStation 4 to having Call of Duty playable at E3, which was a first in the franchise’s history." GamerFitnation

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I say it was a good change of pace

venom06990d ago

Same crap, different year.. Same stupid movements from Advacnced Warfare... Pass for Halo or Battlefront

HaleHankock990d ago

And by personality you mean lag...

GreenUp990d ago

Would be great to add MW4. Thank you very much.

AceBlazer13990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

glad i missed advance warfare, a year off from cod is probably gonna make me enjoy blops3 a bit more than i would've

:O i actually have more than one bubble

AstroCyborg990d ago

so stealing ideas from another game adds personality

TheBurger29990d ago

No they are being "creative" and doing something "new" to their "different" game. jk its just the same crap again.

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