Destiny: Dev shares The Taken King Subclass That will OP Crucible – E3 2015

"In order to take take on the bitter King who is vexed over your Guardians for killing his son, Crota, over a million times in the raid, new powers are needed to make his defeat epic. Each Guardian will acquire new subclasses—The Hunter (Nightstalker) void bow, Titan (Sunbreaker) burn hammer, and the Warlock (Stormcaller) arc energy. In addition to some new cool powers, players will experience a new raid, storyline, public events, weapons, and more." GamerFitnation

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YEah online will be ridiculous now

Dabigsiebowski1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Haha this game still..... I really hope people act concisely when Destiny 2 comes out. This game is money grubbing at its best, I personally haven't bought an Activision game in years and frankly I could care less who the developer is as long as it's being published by Kotick. Gamers have spawned an ugly tumor in the industry by selling themselves short on these pathetically rushed games for a quick cash grab. Shame on people who bought the DLC as well as you deserved to be mistreated as they so willingly do. Other publishers would be smart to look away at the annoyance these idiots have done to gaming in recent years. This is a completely disgusting trend that just needs to die and it's up to the gamers to truly be smart about how they go about it. Tough to convince millions of idiots which is the real problem though. I love Sony but they really should shy away from this garbage and cruddy excuse games to take advantage of the all mighty dollar. Makes me sick to be a gamer and see this crap being pulled consistent throughout the years and having these games be tremendous successes. People should honestly feel stupid bitching about these games... it's their own stupidity that has allowed it and if you think anything is going to change...well then just look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself. It's your fault that you buy this crap not anyone elses. There are way better games out there without this garbage people!!!

Redinfamy1236d ago

I feel you on some points. I must say I didn't like what they attempted to do like their dedicated fans are stupid by bundling the expansion with the game again as it you could not purchase it alone. Through feedback and complaints of that they have the separate add on. This is not different than other games with crazy micro transactions and tools of dlc broken up. Evolve showed that dumb decision. I look for quality in the content I think this is what gamers need to so call bitch about and change will always be made.

Brew197011236d ago

There just games, omg, £20 is nothing for hours of game play,

Drithe1236d ago

YOu know, sometime in my future gaming life I would like to play another game. Damn you Destiny!

MeteorPanda1236d ago

mmo's save you money! no money spent on other games :P

saved like 1k since ff14 came out...

Redinfamy1236d ago

Crucible will be interesting with this new expansion. I just hope the rest of the content is fulfilling, because the dark below they could have saved that.

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