PS4 Version of Uncharted Waters Online Gets Screenshot Comparison vs PC; Will Run at 1080p and More

A couple days ago, Koei Tecmo announced the PS4 version of Uncharted Waters Online: Grand Atlas, a veteran MMORPG for PC and PS3 (currently available in the west on Steam) set in the age of seafaring and exploration.

Today the publisher detailed the differences between the PS4 version (that will run at 1080p) and the old PC version. On PS4 the game will come with dynamic lighting and shadow, and a much increased number of characters on screen.

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FarEastOrient994d ago

It's an acquired taste, there's better MMOs out there.

Spotie994d ago


I don't know about this game...

Major_Glitch994d ago

Lol. I remember playing this game on PC a few years back. It's not that bad really. Not that good, but still not bad.