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GamesRadar - So after all the excitable yelping coming out of last year's Quakecon, after that damnably exciting, damnably brief teaser trailer, we've now seen Doom 4 (or just plain Doom, as it's currently calling itself), by way of a couple of hefty E3 demos. And you know what? The Quakecon converts were right. The new Doom is incendiary.

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kingeliran1236d ago

the game looks very shallow to me, killing monsters & killing monsters, where is the story? where is the whole doom feel to the game, this might be called random FPS shooter, no need to put the doom 4 there. yeah i know retro, but still its 2015 add something new..
and Whats up with that yellow ugly tint? making me sick.

hamzilla1236d ago

Did you ever play DooM and DooM 2 and Final DooM?