ELAN announces award categories for 2008

The new categories for the 3rd ELANs – an awards show that recently announced its expansion to global competition and which has for the last two years honored video games and animation with big-name hosts such as William Shatner (1st year) and Seth MacFarlane (2nd year) – were announced today after three days of consultation with the industries themselves including Visual Effects which have been added to the next show taking place in Vancouver on Saturday, February 28, 2009.

"We hold Industry Roundtables in Vancouver and ask each group to determine their own Award Categories and Criteria," explains Holly Carinci, Founder and Producer of the ELAN Awards. "We then send them out to their peers around the world for their input and that is how our official categories are decided each year. We do this so that we are on top of what each of these fast-paced industries are doing today, acknowledging new areas of importance to each of them such as Mobile Games and MMOs are this year to the Video Game Industry. We could never do this without the industry's help and they have given it to us very generously."

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