Is Naughty Dog Trying to Cover Up The Last of Us 2 Leak?

During a Q&A panel this week, Nolan North made a shocking statement that took the Internet by storm. He had seemingly confirmed that Naughty Dog was working on The Last of Us 2, but was his claim entirely true or is Naughty Dog trying to cover their tracks and plug up an unintentional leak?

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IIFloodyII1236d ago

Naughty Dog are just ignoring it, Troy is probably under a NDA, so if he does know, he isn't going to say.

Mr-Dude1236d ago

It's not that ND will come out and admit it... " okay, Nolan was naughty sooo, we are making tlou2. Surprise.. Winky face"

Would be awesome, but highly unlikely

DanteVFenris6661236d ago

Asnt it already confirmed? Pretty sure they said they wanted to do there ussual trilogy on things. Which than end up to be 4

Bathyj1236d ago

I'm pretty sure you dreamt that. That's why you were a Viking when you heard it.

lutfarssmc1236d ago

Yes they are and they should. We also should focus on U4 just like them.

Agent_00_Revan1236d ago

We all know it's coming. It it's one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. I don't think you achieve that and say 'We did a great job, let's Never do anything involving that game or universe again.'

ginsunuva1236d ago

I would. ND makes a good game no matter what. They don't need to cling onto a specific success formula.

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