Filsinger Review - 1942: Joint Strike

Filsinger Writes: "Well, after playing the game for a good couple hours the other night, I can say this game both met my expectations, exceeded my expectations, but also failed miserably in a few areas. So I write this review with mixed emotions, a little sadness, disappointment, nostalganess (is that even a word), and happiness.

Lets start off with what I liked about the game. The graphics are updated to the new "HD" standard that most of the XBLA titles are adopting and because of this the game looks great. It is a perfect mix of the old retro feel, but looks amazing on my HDTV. The music is also perfect and they nailed it exactly, although I wish the music was a bit louder in the game. The gameplay is there, which is hard to screw up as it's basically flying around shooting stuff. So with all that wrapped up with a great co-op game it should be perfect right? Well, no."

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Stop trying to blame PS2 because its the most successful console. Sony hate is going too far.

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