Podcast Unlocked 201: Xbox Bosses Past And Present Sshare Stories, Secrets

Hear about the Duke controller's origins, Gears of War's importance to Xbox, and much more!

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Cindy-rella990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

I wonder if they partied when the ps3 surpassed the xbox 360 in global sales. Ps3s success lead to the ps4s success which took work but the fact that sony had a better built system with a lot more exclusive titles reassured a lot of people that ps4 will be the same . I didnt consider a xbox one because of its hardware failure issues and less exclusive titles.

I remember Nintendo celebrating the high price of the ps3 when they were supporting the wii. It was geared towards mostly nongamers which was short lived. The wii fizzled out quickly with little software support while ps3 is still being supported now. The failure of the wii caused the total failure of the wii u because the core Nintendo fans abandoned Nintendo. they had little faith theyll get enough core game support and a proper powerful system with wii u. They had short success with wii initially but they're having a lot of failures now. It might lead to failure of the NX also because i havent any faith in that too.

TheGreatGamer990d ago

Wow. Are you for real? He's referring to something that happened years ago so you shouldn't get upset

mikeslemonade990d ago

PlayStation brand is still bigger worldwide. That's why they were able to survive the $600 tag. No other console can survive a $600 relative to inflation tag.

ForgivenZombie989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

@mikeslemonade, are you crazy? Microsoft is worth 200 billion, Sony only about 20 billion, so no. I'm happy both are successful but the deeper pockets belong to MS.

TheGreatGamer990d ago

@mike, they only 'survived' once they dropped the price and pumped out exclusives. I'm not saying this was a bad thing because I bought my ps3 once they did these 2 things

mikeslemonade990d ago

That's what I meant. It's obvious that systems don't stay the same price the entire generation. I meant that they were able to get away with a $600 tag to begin with. PS3 still sold 9 mil in its first year.

tinynuggins989d ago

But isn't that the point? They didn't get away with a 600 price tag. Sales didn't pick up until they dropped.

HaydenJameSmith989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

"I didnt consider a xbox one because of its hardware failure issues and less exclusive titles."

What are you talking about ? If you are referring to the 360, the PS3 had plenty of hardware issues ongoing through out most of the generation. Not reading discs, freezing, video problems, they even had to remove BC cause it was causing issues and lots of third party games launched broken or were delayed until they were working and some games didn't even launch on PS3 like Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead because of these problems. Yes 360 RROD were a big deal but MS put money behind that to fix those issues and the point is they felt they did a disservice to gamers and they fixed it, thats why the brand remains strong. Xbox 360 had plenty of exclusives so does the Xbox One, I don't see how that is an issue ? And the Xbox One doesn't have any hardware issues...

Why is it that you feel the need to talk about sales and how playstation surpassed them globally, when that was briefly talked about in an 90 minute Podcast about Xbox ? Whats with the negativity ? Are you trolling ? Pretty clear you don't like Xbox so why listen to a Xbox Podcast to then only spout negativity afterward.

SonofGod989d ago

Sony fans were straight up lied to at E3 2005 and Sony still managed to catch up to the X360.

Why? Because brand loyalty.

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Godz Kastro989d ago

This was an epic podcast. I enjoyed it so much I didn't want it to end. The Xbox brand is in great hands with Phil. Basically the mount Rushmore of xbox division.

HaydenJameSmith989d ago

I agree I really enjoyed listening to that Podcast and seeing the different perspectives of the challenges and accomplishments each Xbox head faced in their respective generations with their consoles. I think XBox One is heading in a great direction with Phil at the helm but gotta pay respects to Peter and Seamus for starting it all off... but yeah I agree with what they said at the end, there is no one better to lead Xbox One at Microsoft right now than Phil Spencer. GAME ON.

christocolus989d ago

@Godz Kastro

Well said. Ryan did an amazing job. Best podcast ever.

BattleAxe989d ago

This podcast was a real treat :)

DeadManMMX989d ago

This was a fascinating great podcast episode the best from unlocked I've ever heard. I listened to it then watched the video. Great stories and a great behind the scenes look at not only Xbox but Microsoft the company. This was really well done.

donthate989d ago

Me too. I heard the podcast, and also watched the video. Very fascinating and exciting!

Wish I could have been part of that.

Dlacy13g989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

One of the best panels/podcasts I have heard. Having 3 big wigs from 3 different era's of Xbox being very candid....well done IGN and Ryan McCaffrey.

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