Watch the Fight for Supremacy in New Tales of Zestiria Trailer

Bandai Namco and Anime Expo 2015 have delivered yet another exciting trailer for a highly anticipated game. Tales of Zestiria is the latest entry in the classic, long-running series, and it’s clearly looking to up the ante.

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Ilovetheps41263d ago

I can't wait for Zestiria. That trailer was really cool. Is there any reason they were using PS3 footage though? Are the other versions just not done yet?

Summons751263d ago

Can't wait and it's even more exciting it's coming to ps4! This and Persona 5 are going to make my Ps4 library complete before games are really rolling out.

phoenixwing1262d ago

Can't wait to get this, already have it preordered for ps3. Why they decided to not bring berseria on ps3 for NA and lose out on sales makes no sense.