Beyond The Hype: Why You Should Be Excited for Final Fantasy VII HD

EM writes: For many non-fans, this Final Fantasy VII remake must seem like an absolutely baffling thing to be excited for. Even with the context of VII being one of gaming’s most beloved titles, Final Fantasy VII does not have the same clout as it did when it was first released in 1997. As with most popular titles, Final Fantasy fans began coming out of the woodwork to criticize the quality of the game, suggesting that players avoid it in favor of a more underrated title instead. Additionally, player trying the game out themselves on modern platforms such as Steam and PSN reported having a difficult time understanding the appeal of the dated, blocky, and poorly translated classic, with many of them unable to even complete the first three hours. With so many differing opinions on so many sides, it may seem like this level of hype is somewhat overblown. However, Final Fantasy VII, despite recent criticisms, is still a game players should very much be excited for.

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raggy-rocket1143d ago

I have an xbox, never played final fantasy, it never hooked me. Should I play it (the ones I can)? I ask because it's such a unique and iconic game with a universe equally unique and iconic. Is it really that good and should I pick it up?

Pozzle1143d ago

Since every FF game has a different story, different character, and is set in a different universe, then you can start with pretty much any game in the series.

If you don't mind playing a retro game with outdated graphics, random battles, a slow beginning, and some odd translation issues, then I'd definitely recommend playing FFVII first. It still holds up as an amazing RPG with memorable characters, a great story, and an interesting world. It's largely considered one of the best in the series and an incredibly influential game in the JRPG genre. (Though if you're not a fan of older games, I'd at least reccommend checking out the remake when it comes out...though considering Square's track record, that might not happen for years).

If you can't get your hands on FFVII, then FFX is probably the most accessible for newer gamers. It has some cheesy moments and some awkward voice acting, but it's an overall great game.