Best of E3 Awards 2008: Best Press Conference

Who was able to entertain, inform, and excite all at the same time?

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red_ring_of_death3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Sony won by far

Lucreto3645d ago

Its all down to which console you prefer. I thought Sony's was the best as well but the gametrailers have a point.

The Xii's (which I call the 360 Mii's) and other copies were not to my liking. The FFXIII was big but once the dust settled it was not a huge deal but it shouldn't be the deciding factor on a winner.

Sony on the other hand I enjoyed with all the PSN games and the 256 player game which I am interested to see how it runs. They did use a lot of cgi but I like that and an attraction to all the FF games I played.

Anyway the next we have Leipzig

Bordel_19003645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

GT makes a point of MS showing more games than Sony did, but many of the games MS showed were multiplat games. Sony could've done the same thing, and have shown Fallout 3, RE5, and FFXIII, but they kept to PS3 exclusives wich is better in my opinion. The other games were shown later anyway.

TheColbertinator3645d ago

Gametrailers is owned by MTV games.MTV Games is owned by Viacom.Viacom made a huge 500 million dollar deal to advertise for Microsoft for 360,Vista,Zune,etc etc.Of course Gametrailers is gonna choose Microsoft and always will.Money speaks to Viacom higher than the truth ever will.

I own both 360 and PS3 and you know who really won?SONY


Drekken3645d ago

You tell them STEVE!!!!

People think just because they are reading(or watching) a video they are going to get a non bias answer from them... but basically they are just going to tell you what the money wants them to say. Noone can be trusted except yourself and your own judgment.

You really think politicians want half the stuff they feed us? Money talks BS walks. Pretty simple.

TheWickedOne3645d ago

I counted 20+ exclusive games sony shown at E3. That's including some PSN games. Not sure how many MS had? I'm just happy to be a gamer.

BattleAxe3645d ago

All microsoft did was anounce FF13 is comming to the 360, the game is multi platform and you're telling me that's why they won GT? Please............

TheColbertinator3645d ago

As an owner of the 360 and PS3,all Microsoft did was tell me I'm getting what the PS3 and Wii already have.I expected Mass Effect 2,Halo 4,Forza 3,Alan Wake,or Halo Wars for 2008.I got none of those.Instead I got Miis...why in the world would I want those for?

Its true that MAG and God of War 3 were CGI,but its not like Sony pulled those away from the show.Microsoft had the Bungie announcement ready...but they delayed it?I was infuriated by lack of any new games for the 360.Lips?WTF?

That Final Fantasy 13 stuff was crap.If you guys wanted to play the game so badly,you would have bought a PS3 long ago.

incogneato3645d ago

Indeed, obviously should've been PS3. Microsoft's was all boring casual games, multiplatform demos, lame charts, and ONE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT... whoopdeedoo.

Sony's was fun, tons of exclusives, a few nice reveals, even the charts were fun with little big planet, and it was just classy and nicely done.

marinelife93645d ago

Someone ought to actually watch the press conferences and total up how many exclusive games each side showed. Methinks Microsoft came up on the short end of the stick by just announcing a lot of multiplats.

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red_ring_of_death3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

copybox360 sucks

@GiantEnemyCrab hey fool were talking about console
a clone singstar
a clone eyetoy games
a clone mii and home
7 disc ver of FF13
what a joke

now 60gb harddrive whats next

Fowack3645d ago

i wonder how much microsoft paid for this

GiantEnemyCrab3645d ago

XMB = Windows Media Center
Trophies = Achievements
HOME = Second Life
In-Game custom soundtracks.. etc. etc.

Copystation 3 sucks.

juuken3645d ago

XMB = Windows Media Center (
Trophies = Achievements (Maybe, but Sony made it ten times better)
HOME = Second Life (And you would know this how? Home goes beyond Second Life and I don't see how you can justify this being Second Life)
In-Game custom soundtracks.. etc. etc. ( again)

Copystation 3 sucks. (No, you suck for calling it Crapstation.)

Omega43645d ago

Since they had multiple PLAYABLE demos of their new games instead of CGI its no wonder they dominated E3, even without FFXIII they would of won

La Chance3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

are going to be marketing Fallout 3 and Res 5 as 360 exclusives.Capcom and MSFT are quite close this gen and DMC4 was marketed as 360 exclusive here in EU and MSFT are building alot of hype (dlc ,e3 demo etc) for Fallout 3.

I still cant belive FF13 is coming to 360.Its INCREDIBLE...

Still cant get used to seeing that trailer and the 360 associated.

red_ring_of_death3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

sorry most of the game they are on all consoles
a clone singstar
a clone eyetoy games
a clone mii and home
7 disc ver of FF13
what a joke
where the exclusive games at
only gears of war 2

Omega43645d ago

Why not show multiformat games when your console is the lead platform and has exclusive content

All sony showed was a game everyone knew about (GOW3) and MAG, with a bunch of psn games. MS showed playable verions of 2 new games lips and WITM and a bunch of xbla games which all come out this year.

Sony CGI clearly shows that MAG and GOW3 arent playable yet and most likely wont release till 2010 or late 2009 at the very earliest

@3 If sony can match CGI why not just show it then?

Dark vader3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

LOL GT is a joke! microsoft didn't show nothing original at all. All that they show was rip off, of nintendo miis sony singstar eye toy and Apples dash board. Come on microsoft conference was thrash.

BattleAxe3645d ago

Sony has proven that they can match CGI graphics, just look at Killzone2.

KingME3645d ago

When GT said the KZ won best graphics, there was no GT/VIACOM/MICRO partnership. It was just a pleasant thread with everyone agreeing in harmony. THEN IT HAPPENED! GT said that MS had the best presentation. "WHAT THE HELL!" THOSE JERKS ARE ON MS' PAYROLL.

Please guys, you wouldn't be so bad to listen to if you admitted at least partial defeat every now and then. But, you PS3 guys, never give an inch. If it's pro microsoft, let the bashing and blazing begin. It doesn't even have to be about MS vs Sony, it just need to have MS mentioned in it and the blazing begins.

You guys are kind of like having a friend that knows everything, even things about you that you didn't even know. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Sony and MS both had great conferences, but for whatever reason, GT amongst other feel that MS' was better. And I agree.

BattleAxe3645d ago

Well thats because theres no disputing that Killzone 2 looks the best out of all of those games. MS winning E3 is another thing all together and the arguement for it is weak.

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INehalemEXI3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

They where all meh. Why does it matter if Sony uses CGI for debut teasers ..... PS3 has already proven it can match CGI....KZ2. No one gets mad when MS, Blizzard or anyone else in the industry uses CGI Teasers lol.

They left KZ2 out of the conference so that RE2 could shine. Which it did its all about Scale with that game and the graphics are pretty sweet for a game with such a large scale. RE2 Beta is going to be sick. I love the way you wrack up points per shot/damage. Both games bring fresh funfactor to FPS.

However I would give MS the win here just for the simple fact that MS is showing how much it values the RPG, and lately I wonder if Sony realizes that they are missing something ....that normally is plentifull on PS consoles. Heres to a bountifull Leipzig and TGS showing in the RPG department.

That being said Sony wins due to the fact they actually brought some new interesting ip's and Kratos to the table. 256 players on the battlefield is more substantial then we get a version of FF13 too. I am excited to see just how good GoW3 will look in-game now.

dro3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

its gametrailers what did u expect they were the same people that put a grid version up saying the 360 is better than the ps3 only for us to find out it was the ps3 showing. how can showing of multi plat games make u win, and ff13 is still coming to the ps3 and its exlusive in japan. to me ms is second while sony is first, sony showed of exlusive games and all there multi plat was put in one video, and they had more exlusive on for nintendo i HATE THE WII i dont even wanna talk about them, its all about the.... PS360

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