PS4 and PS3 Get Free Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Themes; Screenshots Inside

Those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward in North America and Europe got a bonus theme for their PS4, but without much fanfare, a completely free and different theme has actually been released on the Japanese PSN.

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Viryu966d ago

I really liked the first FF theme. It had custom icons AND music, which was awesome. Problem was, the red was hard on the eyes, and the music was too loud sometimes.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler966d ago

Wonder if we will ever get to make our own background themes again like ps3. none of the themes on ps4 appeal to me other than the ps1 anniversary theme.

F0XHOUND966d ago

Does it have music? A YouTube video display would've been cool :)

admiralvic965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

It does!

Uploaded it just for you.

F0XHOUND965d ago

Thanks dude, guess I'll be making a JPN account lol!

sunnygrg966d ago

I wished we would get a news or at least a comment about Heavensward trophies already.

RJ92009965d ago

Yes I'm with you on that!!