Tomb Raider Going Back to Basics Makes It A Much Better Sell

Tomb Raider's back to basics approach reconnects it with it's roots which makes the game a much more promising entry this November

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Maltaze811d ago

Personally, its probably the first Xbox One game I'm going to buy day one after a long break. After Ryse, you can forgive me for not going nuts over even timed exclusives.

mikeslemonade810d ago

Meh I will play the PC version instead. I remember playing the PS3 and 360 version of the Tomb Raider reboot and it looked like booty. I couldn't even play it.

daBUSHwhaka810d ago

Get real.You couldn't even play it.One of the best looking games last gen bud.

mikeslemonade810d ago

It was nearly unplayable for me.

DrRobotnik810d ago

Did you not have a PC last gen to play the first one. Then why mention the ps3/360 version if you so call plan on getting the second one for PC. Troll hard much.

mikeslemonade810d ago

I have both versions. I got the PC version after the fact.

And there's a difference between good looking and then you try to put a good looking game on a limited system. The resolution is low, frame rate is low, and there's too many jaggies.

People here like to give free passes to games.

Azzanation810d ago

I own the PC one and its amazing, but I am getting the sequel on X1. I am not waiting for it, there are too many great games to play next year.

Gunstar75810d ago

You sound like a bit of a knob.

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warrior82811d ago

i wish they kept the old school graphics...i miss old Lara

gamer7804811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Agreed, they should at least have dlc/unlockable skins to use. I enjoyed going through the games after i beat them finding treasures and doing time trials to unlock costumes and stuff. Even the top down version has additional skins.

Septic811d ago

Yup, triangle boobed Lara ftw

MasterCornholio810d ago

Just to paraphrase Tacoman

" Is she even human?"


Nick_The_Slick810d ago

The ridiculously skinny Lara with incredibly oversized boobs? No thanks, I'm not 10 years old anymore..

AnotherProGamer810d ago

Old Lara has more personality and confident than the new one, you need to not judge by face value

Nick_The_Slick810d ago

Progamer - the new Lara is far more human and relatable due to not being as confident as the old one.

littlezizu811d ago

Tomb raider reboot gave me Uncharted Vibe. This one from the extended trailer gave me mix of Uncharted and Last of Us(lara hunting in snow in trailer looked similar to part where ellie hunts enemies during winter).

I like both Uncharted and Last of Us but i want Tomb raider to be tomb raider the original which millions loved.

Bigpappy811d ago

This Tomb Raider only resembles Uncharted in the Platforming. The action has a much heavier focus on stealth and a slower cautious approach, as she is placed in more of a survivalist type of role than an action role like Nate is.

Master-H810d ago

That does sound like The Last of Us, actually.

starchild810d ago


The Last of Us is a fantastic game but it didn't invent those stealth or scavenging mechanics.

In reality, Rise of the Tomb Raider has very similar stealth and scavenging mechanics to Tomb Raider (2013), the latter of which came out before The Last of Us.

One of the enhancements in Rise of the Tomb Raider over the previous game is the ability to climb into trees and stalk from above, and The Last of Us never had such a mechanic.

The point is, Rise of the Tomb Raider seems like a clear evolution of the modern Tomb Raider reboot more than anything.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan810d ago

I don't know if even more Uncharted with Rise. Uncharted goes all over while the TR reboot was on an island and that's it.

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umair_s51810d ago

Tomb raider is not TLOU, nor uccharted...they are 2 games night n day apart, when will people see?

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PhoenixUp811d ago

A much better sell would it being multiplatform like the series has usually been in the past

811d ago
MasterCornholio810d ago

Can't disagree with that.


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