Nintendo Needs To Shut Up

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"It's common knowledge that Nintendo's E3 Digital Event didn't go off as smoothly as they had hoped. Many hardcore fans were left disappointed and angry at what they saw, and the lack of major titles had many scratching their heads. Since then, Miyamoto, Reggie, and Iwata have came out to discuss E3 with the media, yet the way they have done so has not settled with many, including myself."

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KindaGrump1235d ago

I actually agree with you on this one. Nintendo is not in the position to be criticizing their competition. They're in third place right now and their competition is showing NO signs of slowing down.

"All in all, I get like this with Nintendo because I love them. They have the best characters, some of the best first party games, and the creativity there is something special. "

And I like that you don't act like you don't like Nintendo either. Very fair criticisms.

NinjaRichParty1235d ago

Thanks man. Like you pointed out from the article, I love Nintendo's work, but with them in this spot, I just can't support that criticism. I think their time should be spent on fixing their own problems, not pointing out those from the competition.

KindaGrump1235d ago

Exactly. Nintendo has a lot to address internally right now, I don't know that their resources and time are best spent talking about Sony and Microsoft.

GordonKnight1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

You are not out of your mind at all.

Nintendo does have a right to give their opinion, but should they? Not at this time.

Everyone is very opinionated when it comes to Nintendo and the hate is horrible. These guys were bound to a shot back. They're in a dark place right now and it must be very hard not to take shots every time they talk with the media.

RPGrinder1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

They are first place in software
They are first place in toys to life
They are first place in handhelds

Only thing they are not doing great at is console hardware right now. The rest you cannot argue with.


Hardware is really not the most important. Hell Wii U still has the best collection of exclusives. Nintendo has done right by Wii U.

NinjaRichParty1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

No one is arguing they're the best in those categories (although software is up to personal taste). They have the best IP's, the best characters, and the best handheld library.

They just have to work on their hardware, and unfortunately, hardware is the most important. The Wii U isn't holding a candle to the PS4 and Xbox One in sales and it's been out longer. If the NX can be a powerful machine, that welcomes easy development for third parties, then I'll be a huge supporter of it.

I love Nintendo and their characters, I just wish they were on the same playing field in terms of hardware.

Sales numbers indicate that hardware IS the most important. Sorry bud.

KindaGrump1235d ago

How is hardware not the most important? Of course Nintendo has the best exclusives, they have for awhile now, but numbers tell the story. In a world that revolves around money and numbers, sales numbers are king.

The only thing that the Wii U is lacking is hardware power and third party support. The numbers talk. The PS4 and Xbox One have better hardware and will sell more. That's not being a fan boy, those are just facts.

RPGrinder1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Nintendo has been in profit. Sony has not for the longest time. Has hardware helped them then?

Would you rather have

1) A console that is not selling but the best exclusives

2) A console that is selling but does not have the games to back it up.

That is basically the argument.

Nintendo at the very least is supporting the Wii U and the 3DS as best they can with the games they have.

Sony is not supporting the PS4 or Vita. PS4 is coming, but Vita they abandoned. Where were the articles saying they should not have run there mouths about Vita recently? Or about software?

Nintendo is not perfect, but they supply games.

The reality is Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, they all run there mouths. Calling out Nintendo is bush league.


You mean the Playstation 4 brand is strong. Sony gaming software has been down (in sales and in critical reception of most games). Vita is down. They have one leg they are standing on. That is a bright future? Different strokes indeed.

I know this is hard for many people to get but 3DS is a huge money maker. Like PS4. The difference is Sony has completely abandoned its non money maker Vita. Nintendo has not abandoned Wii U.

Nintendo can trash talk with anyone. They all do it.

KindaGrump1235d ago

Sony has been in trouble, yes, but the PlayStation brand has not. I'll take the system that has third party support, the power to back it up, and a future that looks very bright.

The Wii U's best days are close to being behind it. LoZ is the last major game that will come to it. Nintendo is focusing its time and development into the NX.

I'm not arguing that the Wii U doesn't have great 1st party titles, but there's nothing to play in between them. I've played my PS4 every single day since launch with 1st party and 3rd party titles.

Different strokes for different stroke, my man.

GamingChip791235d ago

You're coming off as Anti- Sony / MS and less Pro-Nintendo. I think that's why people are being negative towards you, dude. You can hold up Nintendo without trashing Sony. PS is winning the console war right now. There's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't mean that you're wrong in enjoying the Wii U and 3DS.

feelforlove1235d ago

they are last place in

third party support
online service

feelforlove1235d ago

yes, so far Wii U has best exclusives out of 3 home consoles. Wii U is also longest on market - released 1 year before PS4 and Xbox One - in next 12 months PS4 will get Persona 5, Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4 and Ratchet & Clank.

feelforlove1235d ago

"Nintendo has been in profit."

yes, last fiscal year. you don't want to talk about 3 years before?

"I know this is hard for many people to get but 3DS is a huge money maker. "

sure it is. 50 million hardware sold, 200 million software sold. For instance PS2 sold 1,5 billion software - 7X more

Chronoman21235d ago


Oh the ignorance........The last 3 years before Sony was losing billions.

Really? Your reaching back to the PS2? Really? I feel bad for you. Not like I brought up DS.

The trolls sure are desperate here.

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GamingChip791235d ago

I think you're spot on with this. Nintendo has been on its high horse for awhile. When they're on top, it comes off as being very wise, but when they're in this spot, it just seems cocky and out of character for them.

NinjaRichParty1235d ago

I'm glad I'm not coming off as a dick here. Like I said in the comment above to KG, Nintendo has killer IP's and I love their characters, but I just don't know why they're acting like they're on some sort of high horse here.

GamingChip791235d ago

Yeah, I don't think you're being too negative. I think it's good that you're analyzing quotes. If this was unprovoked and you went after them, I'd be against this, but these quotes did not sit well with me either.

Majin-vegeta1235d ago

Nintendo really are beyond dummies at this point.They need to replace iwata&Reggie and replace them with someone who knows what fans want.Look at SE Wada just left and now SE seems to be going in the right place.

ALSO WHERE THE HELL WAS MY POKKEN TOURNAMENT?!!At least it would have been somehting that was actually worth watching at their lame conference

NinjaRichParty1235d ago

I want to say Pokken Tournament is an arcade game to will eventually make its way to the console scene? I think I had read that somewhere.

OT: I do agree that Nintendo needs some fresh faces facing towards the public.

GamingChip791235d ago

Yes, RDR is correct. It is hitting arcades this month. I don't know if it has been discussed about it coming to console though. Maybe it'll be a NX launch title?

NinjaRichParty1235d ago

I'm glad you agree. Hopefully I didn't come off too negative in this piece. I enjoy Nintendo's work, but this is just a bit too much for me.

KindaGrump1235d ago

I just hope Nintendo returns to form. I hope the NX is a powerful machine that is easy to develop for. I can't imagine a console that has great third party support AND the amazing first party line up of Nintendo IP's. I would go crazy for that.

RPGrinder1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

They are first place in software
They are first place in toys to life
They are first place in handhelds

Only thing they are not doing great at is console hardware right now. The rest you cannot argue with.

They can talk about what they want. Not to mention half the things in this article are fallacy, like the VR thing which was confirmed to be nothing but half quotes and half truths.

Spotie1235d ago

First in software? Not to me. Not last, but far from first.

Toys to life? Are you making up categories now? That's sad.

Good for them in handhelds.

What about consoles?

Third party support?

Software sales?

The Wii U has been out three years, and already they're making news of its replacement commonplace.

Get out of here with this blind as a bat nonsense.

Chronoman21235d ago

Metacritic, journalists would disagree with you on the software front.

NPD recognizes it as a category now, way to keep up.

Best collection of exclusives on consoles.

Does not have third party support, the others do not really have first party support, so whatever is important to you.

Would you rather Nintendo do with Wii U like Sony is doing with Vita and kill it slowly with nothing?

It is called logic. Get used to it.

superchiller1234d ago

@ Spotie - Have you noticed that RPGrinder uses his second shill account, Chronoman2, to try to support his inane comments? Mods really should disable the Chronoman2 account, it's a sleazy thing that shouldn't be allowed. Was it you who originally noticed this, or someone else?

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