Inside Her Story: The Indie Mystery Game That People Can’t Stop Analyzing

GI: Her Story, a game where you search a police database for clips pertaining to a fictional 1994 case, has been one of this summer's biggest surprises. Centering on a twisted narrative about the disappearance of a woman's husband, the shocking reveals and lingering ambiguity have kept players talking long after the credits have rolled. The crime mystery has yielded comparisons to highly praised media, such as True Detective and Serial, for how it grips you and keeps you thinking.

As of this writing, Her Story holds an 87 for PC and 90 for iOS on Metacritic. My own review for Game Informer comes with high praise for how the themes stay with you and forces you to pay attention in a way most games don't. Her Story is such a unique experience for video games, putting you in front a computer straight out of the '90s with only one goal: type in keywords to bring up video clips to discover more about the case. We couldn't resist chatting with creator Sam Barlow about topics ranging from its origins and ambiguity to if he had any doubts about its simplistic nature.

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