Why Naughty Dog Shouldn't Make A Sequel To The Last Of Us

GI: "I beat The Last of Us a couple weeks ago, but that adventure is still ringing through my head like a brass bell. The game easily sits on my list of the five greatest games from this generation, and yet, I don't think I want to see a sequel."

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fermcr1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I agree, The Last Of Us doesn't need a sequel.
Would be great if Naughty Dog made a new IP.

Kingthrash3601179d ago

So gears, halo, uncharted, tomb raider, Mario, Zelda, metriod, cod, ac, bf, all can have over 3 sequels.....and counting but tlou doesn't need one...or shouldn't have one.
Lol wow. I mean it was a masterpiece ....but so was Zelda ocarina of time and that still is running. Why ask nd to make a new franchise when halo 5 is coming mk 10 just came out sf5 around the corner. How about we ask Nintendo to bring more new stuff we are on Mario 17 already. Smh
Who doesn't want to see more Joel and Ellie ...I'll tell you who...people who haven't played tlou.

Bobby Kotex1179d ago

Fanboy much? Just because something is a 'masterpiece' doesn't mean it deserves a sequel. Sequels are made because it takes less work to make big $$$. You're naive if you think otherwise.

mikeslemonade1179d ago

I liked the gameplay more than story so it doesn't matter to me if they twist the story and make it work.

People are too stuck-up about the story. And arguably the story can continue right where it left off just the way it is.

If you think the story is the reason why they can't make a sequel then you are stuck-up person.

Spa4tan1179d ago

I believe it's time for Jak to awaken from his slumber.

breakpad1179d ago

a sequel in a completely different country (russia )would be a good idea and probably a massive success

Kingthrash3601179d ago but I am a fan of tlou...nothing wrong with that. I'm a fan of Mario gears tomb raider battlefield tekken final fantasy street fighter gta uncharted Mario kart metal gear series and wild arms too.....dosent make me a fanboy I just want a sequal for many questions unanswered questions, like the beef with Joel's brother and what will happen after the game like will there be a cure.. Or a grown up Ellie ....I can go on yeah hoping for a sequal isn't a fanboy thing fanboys would say tlou is the best game ever and all others are trash....and I know that's not the case...fanboys turn opinion around to make it look like fact..smh

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MrSec841179d ago

The Last of Us is widely regarded as the greatest game of the last generation and it's sold massively well.
The game's world is ripe for more stories to be told, be it with Ellie and Joel together, individually or with other characters.

Naughty Dog are a studio that always attempts to push themselves with each new game and judging by how they're handling Uncharted 4 all of those positive new additions would be even more vastly expanded within the next Last of Us game, into an even more brutal and deep world, more expansive, while adding an even greater level of believability compared to the last game.

It's clear more can be done with the story of The Last of Us, it's an amazing setting and it's definitely built for more stories to be told within it.

OhMyGandhi1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

why all the hate for this comment?

Everything about Last of Us was masterful; The sound, character and creature designs, the level design, the story and music. Most agree that the game was an emotional punch to the gut, and for me, left me feeling quite strange an entire WEEK after beating the game. I felt emotionally exhausted.

That said, the game does not need a sequel. It's great that Naughty Dog sees potential for one, and I have no doubt they can deliver an incredible experience.

So many of are terrified by the prospect of a perfect standalone game/movie/thing becoming "tainted" by a potentially inferior sequel. For every "Jurassic Park" we get a "Lost World" For every "Matrix" we get "Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions" (and while the second one had it's moments, the third one was an embarrassment to the series). On the flip side (at least in terms of movies), we get Aliens, Terminator 2, The Two Towers, Dark Knight, and so forth, so there is always a chance it can be done even BETTER then the original.

With games, we get Mass Effect 2, Call of Duty 2, Soul Calibur 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Uncharted 2. But I could go on a tangent of all the franchises that have been crippled by unnecessary sequels.

The point? If a game has an incredibly satisfactory three act structure, and it truly does feel "complete", and does not leave people wanting more, That is the mark of a singular experience. Going back to movies, that's why Spielberg RARELY does sequels, because he believes that his movies (as annoyingly elitist as this may sound) are so good, they stand as the ultimate expression of the story, with nothing left out, no compromises or open ends left to tie up. This means that the viewer leaves the theater with a complete understanding of the content that was shown, and subsequently, is satisfied with the end result.

Highlife1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Spielberg does lots of sequels what are you talking about?

Executive producer or director or writer this is what he had been a part of.

Indiana Jones
Jurassic park
Back to the future
An American tail
Men in black

All of these had multiple movies

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arbitor3651180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I agree, though if they made an open world last of us, that would be pretty damn ambitious. It could be Naughty Dog's GTA.

Of course, an giant, badass Jak and daxter game could also be Naughty Dog's GTA

Kingthrash3601179d ago

No, just no. Open world games have no pacing...something that makes tlou great. Story telling is done in a linier fashion open word games have too many distractions...look at gta great story great characters...but in order to play the story you have to lose the cops or take out enemy gangs on the way to the next point of the story. It just ruins pacing...tlou and gta are two differnt genre. The last thing we need is another open world game.

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URNightmare1180d ago

Enough with this crap articles already!!

Who wouldn't want a sequel to such an awesome game??

Ezz20131179d ago

Just go into their dreams and kill them all , Freddy Krueger.

aquaticDonut1180d ago

I agree. That said, I have complete faith in Naughty Dog to make an awesome game regardless.

mxpxboy771180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

"This opinion originally published on July 15, 2013."

This should be reported. I absolutely love TLOU, but this article is a few years old and probably shouldn't have made it through the approval process. I think the author just reposted it.

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