GameZone: Ikariam Preview

The strategy-game genre has seen many iterations, from the slow-paced turn-based games to real-time outings. There are civilization-building titles that allow players to micro-manage resources while growing their cities. Games like Civilization can be very focused on outcome but also have a nice open-world field and some of these titles can allow for a sandbox setting.

Ikariam is one such sandbox game that has an ancient flavor coating it, but at its core, it is a micro-managing game of city expansion, alliances, light political turmoil, residents you must keep happy, and resource managing – all in a multiplayer world.

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TheOtherSide3647d ago

I have played the web based game and for me it is boring and slow paced.

Had 3 cities to level 19.

Playing now Tribal wars (google it) and it is awesome.