Sony Confirms PSN Down Reports, Affecting PS4 and PS3

Within the last fifteen minutes (at 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET), numerous people on Twitter and Reddit have reported that the PlayStation Network is down for them in locations all over the world, with some users reporting maintenance notifications.

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Relientk77991d ago

I'm on right now

in The Northeast, USA

JoGam991d ago

I'm not. But whats crazy is I can see my friends online but can't play a online game.

Nosred991d ago

Dropped in here for me, Sony so bad, need to improve that PSN. Every month the same thing.

uptownsoul991d ago

It sucks that both PSN and XBL have been down lately…I mean lately, they both need to be more stable

Majin-vegeta991d ago

@Nosed yes I'm sure it went down for you lol you don't even own one.

It's up for me currently playing BF4.

Unreal01991d ago


That's funny, my PSN hasn't been down since that New Years Lizard Squad rubbish. I think you might be over exaggerating a little.

morganfell991d ago

On right now in Far Cry 4 coop.

Silly gameAr991d ago

@Nosred There hasn't been any PSN problems for a while, though I don't think there is any PSN for imaginary Playstation consoles.

Crimzon991d ago

Sony says that the PSN is down, but Relientk77 says it isn't. I don't know who to believe!

Spotie991d ago

Sony says PSN is down for some, Crimzon doubts those with no problems.

RIP_Cell991d ago

yep good idea to have your network down when people have days off for the holidays Sony

Septic991d ago

Yeah just on it now. You can see your friends online but can't play online.

Kombatologist991d ago

This is the problem I have with the digital age. We're at the mercy of these services if and when we want to download anything from our libraries.

I miss the days when I could just pop in a cartridge and play a game right away. And if I wanted to play with my friends, they were just a phone call away.

Septic991d ago


Funnily enough I was playing Mortal Kombat on PS4. All my games are digital so I didn't know have any issues in that regard.

You can still call your mates over and play? What's changed?

Haru991d ago

You know what's crazy? this website it keeps logging me out everytime i refresh, I have to login everytime I click on an article or go to the homepage this is crazy and stupid I hope they fix it or I won't even bother with this website anymore

ABizzel1991d ago


Must be region specific, because I'm playing Iron Banner right now in Destiny. Not everyone has an agenda, XBL is down for me though kicked out of IB on there and can't connect back.


Apparently XBL has sign-in issues going on this weekend as well. Probably some new DDOS group.



GribbleGrunger991d ago


I've PMed a mod about that very problem.

Kombatologist989d ago


I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. It doesn't make what I said any less true. The fact is, your entire digital games library is going to be inaccessible one day. I don't know about you, but that's a scary thought to me. Perhaps you don't see yourself playing those games 20 years from now, which is perfectly understandable. The thing is, I DO see myself playing those games 20 years from now. Not only that, but I see video games as art, and they should be preserved as such. P.T. is a great example of what can happen to a digital-only title. I know it was technically just a demo, but it was so much more than that. It's one of the greatest bits of video game horror I've ever played. Yet, unless you were fortunate enough to back it up before it was removed from the PlayStation Store, it can never be downloaded or re-downloaded again. It's gone forever.

As for what changed, well, there aren't many games these days that support split-screen or LAN. So unless we're playing a sports or fighting game, there's really no point in having my buddies come over to play something when today's games are designed to be played online.

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Nosred991d ago ShowReplies(7)
mrmonk991d ago

yes its down for some depends what time you have been on from i have friends on yet i cant get on. its a pain in the ass to be honest it happens to often.well just watch some crap tv till its fixed lol.

FITgamer991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Same just finished playing a few games on BF4.

Edit: Tried signing back in with no luck.

FITgamer991d ago it's working again.

MysticStrummer990d ago

It was only down for about an hour for me, but this is still the top story in the PS4 section so I guess it's still down for many.

UKmilitia991d ago

i have been online all day but not actually playing online but i can see my friends playing games.
(i havent tried to play online as im smashing batman)

im in UK and its nice and sunny here anyway lately so downtime isnt an issue,only annoys me on cold winter nights.

MrDead991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

I'm not sure if it effected the UK as I haven't had any problems, been playing Pre-Sequal online from about 18:00, it's 22:21 now still no issues.

URNightmare991d ago

I just logged in to mu UK account with no problem but my account in the US is not working.

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JoGam991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Honestly man they are pissing me off with these outages. People are paying money monthly to play online and this is unacceptable.

Volkama991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Totally nonacceptabable

Bah you edited out your unexeptionable, that's no fun.

Thatguy-310991d ago

Goes down and right back up . They tend to fix it really quick when you compare it to the ps3 days. The PSN isn't the only one that's been going down as of lately.

JoGam991d ago

Hey man I hear you but that doesn't help me. I pay my money monthly. Its one thing I have to deal with their schedule maintenance sessions but to deal with these outages on top of that is nonsense.

uptownsoul991d ago


You do know that Playstation Online play isn't inhibited during scheduled maintenance, right?

JoGam991d ago

@ Uptownsoul, I paid for Music Unlimited since day one. Yes I understand we now had Spotify which I also pay however when we have schedule maintenace I can NOT use any services which I pay for. For the record I could careless about some fanboy war, people assuming I'm trolling or anything else, but when it come to me paying money, I do not expect anything less than what I'm supposed to get.

PurpHerbison991d ago

PSN reminds me of my local ISP this generation. Pretty bad...

frostypants991d ago

You're paying a monthly rate for which you agreed to terms which explain that it will be down time to time...

MysticStrummer991d ago

"Honestly man they are pissing me off with these outages."

For me it depends on the reason for the down time. If it's the Loser Squad again or someone like them, I don't blame Sony nearly as much. Yeah I want Sony to keep hackers out completely, but most of the blame imo should be pointed at the hackers themselves. Too many large companies and even governments get hacked for me to place much blame on anyone but the hackers.

If on the other hand this current down time is because PSN couldn't handle holiday traffic, then it is clearly Sony's fault.

Sucks either way because I was looking forward to a lot of Elder Scrolls Online/Planetside 2 today and this weekend.

LonDonE991d ago

Its funny before this generation started i would of swore xbox live via the 360 was the superior service vs psn, and rightly so since the latter was a free service while live charges everyone.

But this generation everything is upside down!
I have both the x1 and ps4 and also a wii u.
I have seen loads of times when live was experiencing problems like the store wont load or the friends list is down etc
While psn has also had lots of problems and been down too frequently as has xbox live on xbox one for my liking.

The bottom line is both services need to get their ish together!!
These are supposed to be premium services which us gamers are forced to pay for just to be able to access and play online games via both the PS4 and X1.

Sadly both services are just not up to scratch in my opinion as supposed paid premium services.
Whats worse is the advertising LOL

I think what separates Microsoft and xbox live vs psn on ps4 is that Microsoft always get their service back up and running with minimum down time.
This is the truth any unbiased core gamer who owns all 3 consoles will attest to it.
See my avatar pic for proof.

Another problem is the psn down time for maintenance, why on earth is it Microsoft can do these things in the background without interruption to services while Sony still cant? just like the ps3 era.

The way i look at it, its Sony who are now charging for online on PS4 and so they more then ever need to prove to us gamers that the psn on ps4 is a premium service worth being paid for!
so far it has been terrible, and xbox live is also not as stable on xbox one compared to on 360.

Both companied need to sort this B.S out! its the dam weekend and people were expecting to chill out and play online after a hard week of work, but yet again sony fails allot of gamers!
People need to stop defending this lack lustre service just because it may be working for them this time and affecting others.

We as gamers need to speak up and let sony and ms know as paid for premium services this bs is not acceptable! steam is free on pc and is more reliable, AND ITS FREE!!!

UKmilitia991d ago

i pay for virgin media and it goes down sometimes.
my car breaks down sometimes
my mobile sometimes cant get signal

oh and sometimes i phone in work sick.(still paid)

we can all have our moments and no servce is 100% all day everyday(said some knob called kanye west)but it isnt the end of world and its been down less than what i would of classed as a better network(im a ps4 owner).

yes it needs upgrading but it isnt over night.

BranWheatKillah991d ago

Take it up with the shitclowns that keep attack various websites and game servers.

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excaliburps991d ago

Good: PSN hasn't been down as much.

Bad: Super bad timing to go down.

yarbie1000991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Was down just a few days ago....

For the disagrees... I'm not even talking about the maintenance 4 days ago. Was down 7 days ago...

yarbie1000991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

No what? You're saying it wasn't down 7 days ago?

Guess all these people were very confused...I mean Official Playstation even acknowledged it. Not sure why people get so testy and sensitive when you point out things that are factual. Oh well :)

GamingWithMack991d ago

Always on Friday evenings in the UK. What am I supposed to do? Go outside?!

poor_cus_of_games991d ago

Yeah what was up with some of its services being down last Wednesday?

Mr-Dude991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

It's way to sweaty outside... (Netherlands)

Dam heatwave

Dude Dutch991d ago

Yup ik zweet peentjes hier...


LonDonE991d ago

I know the feeling i swear it is absolutely BOILING in london!!
And whats worse is its ramadan now (where muslims fast for the whole month from sunrise to sundown with no food or water!

This heatwave is making fasting so much harder i swear i am struggling, real talk.

scark92991d ago

Don't do it! Brave the indoors! Outside is Suicide!

mrmonk991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

few beers and watch crap tv until its fixed lol thats what i decided to do

ThePresentIsAgift991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Rofl, classic. You could order a pizza and watch a movie, invite someone round perhaps?

Or just Netflix it.

KrystofKage1991d ago

Play mobile games on your smart phone! According to the credible and very competent Peter Molyneux, they are the way of the future!

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REDDURT991d ago

I am online playing drive club.

JoGam991d ago

I think its effecting some people. Everybody isn't effected.