Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Adds PS4 Physical Version for $60 and Many Other Rewards

One of the most requested reward tiers have been added.

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Relientk77892d ago

Good because I want a physical copy of the game

UnHoly_One892d ago

You're willing to pay more than double to get it on a disc??

MightyNoX892d ago


$60 is the price of a new physical game...unless you're talking about shipping costs.

UnHoly_One892d ago

No I'm talking about the option to donate $29 to the kickstarter and get it digitally.

Nyxus892d ago

I know I am. Just don't care about digital and 60 for a new game isn't bad at all.

_-EDMIX-_892d ago

You mean I'm I sure I want to physically own a game vs digital where it can be pulled, removed etc year later? Yes...

I'm actually getting the digital and paying for a physical copy too lol

Spotie891d ago

And why not? It helps make the game better, and many of us prefer physical, anyway. I'm glad I already gave $60.

rainslacker891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

I am. This will likely be a collectors item over the long term, and will be worth much more than $60 well into the future. Particularly if it has a limited run and no retail store release.

Gonna get two along with the collectors edition stuff. Digital is worthless in the long.

mikeslemonade891d ago

That's good because I can sell it after I play it.

ChronoJoe891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

I am happy to pay more for physical, personally.

Digital copies for a system that doesn't allow you to export your own backups are a) worthless to anyone else (can't sell them) b) liable to disappear with time.

I think many consumers and publishers underestimate the merits of physical distribution

ShinMaster891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

SHENMUE FREAKING 3 is actually coming out, and you're telling people to get it digitally?


UnHoly_One890d ago

I just asked a question.

Last I checked a game plays the same either way.

ShinMaster890d ago

The guy above you literally said "...I want a physical copy of the game". I think he's aware of the digital version.

It's not whether or not the game plays the same on both. But fans of the old games that have been hoping for a sequel that would probably never come, are more likely to buy a physical copy. It has more value.

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hulk_bash1987892d ago

Definitely the version I'm getting. Unless they announce a Collector/limited edition with the first 2 games included. Then that would be the version for me.

XboxOneX891d ago

That will NEVER happen but u can keep wishing.

I will be getting the digital version.

iliimaster891d ago

exactly I was pretty bummed when I got my Wii u with the digital downloads i need the case, same with the master cheif collection just got that the other day and no cases all downloads.. atleast the ps4 gta v bundle came with a case but tlou was download..

ShinMaster890d ago

I feel you.
I bought the Zelda Wind Waker HD bundle and it was only a digital copy.

fei-hung891d ago

Yup and it is a backers only case, meaning if Sony does a mass retail release, the backers copy will vary.

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Mr-Dude892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

At last ^^
Good to see the kickstarter is also rising again

-Foxtrot892d ago

Next up a retail copy with a collectors edition :D

Sora_1994892d ago

Clearly you're speaking my language lets make thus happen

MightyNoX892d ago

Wouldn't that be the higher tier? :D
For example, the signed tier does include a physical copy. Pretty much anything above 60 will get the physical copy.

akiraburn891d ago

I think that since they now offer a physical PS4 version, you can actually get that at the $250 tier and above. From what they said, it sounds like even people that pledged for the physical PC version before don't need to change their pledge if they want the PS4 version, as a survey will be going out later to find out what platform each person wants for their physical or digital release.

And as for the tier, it's a bit pricey but that does come with a decent amount of stuff. The contents I believe include: a physical copy of the game, a physical illustration, a backer only arcane technique scroll, a backer only advanced technique scroll, a skin change feature for Ryo's jacket, a physical CD soundtrack and a digital download version, both a printed and digital art book, 20 capsule toy tickets, a Shenmue 3 T-shirt, one of the four real capsule toys being made for this, get your name in the credits, and you get the trial version (essentially beta) before release.

rainslacker891d ago

Yeah, they have that for the PC physical version. Would love a signed PS4 collectors edition.:)

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ritchi45892d ago

I'd love it if they somehow got the rights to doing a HD remaster of the first two titles, and bundled that with the upcoming 3rd title.

SegaGamer892d ago

Unlikely, but it would be brilliant :D

_-EDMIX-_892d ago

They don't need to do that to have that happen. I'm sure Sega will likely do a port of the first 2 when they see more support for Shenmue 3 ie the backing of Shenmue 3, is also the backing of the series in general, I'm sure Sega can see the value in making a HD version of the 2 games prior to release.

SegaGamer891d ago

Sega give the fans what they want ? i wish. I don't know what their problem is, they must hate money or something.

_-EDMIX-_891d ago

@Sega- lol. Its not really that. Its that it cost them lots of money to localize and Yakuza is such a text heavy game, they don't see the cost of porting it as it won't sell as well as it does in the east and they may not even be able to make that money back from the port.

I completely understand why they do it and I'm a HUGE fan of the series (Can't wait for Yakuza 5 to come on PS3!!!)

If they ported all the games day and date and kept losing money, we may not even be seeing a Yakuza Zero AT ALL let alone only in Japan. If they can port later, then kool. I'd rather they still exist, save money and consider it, vs go bankrupt making ports to regions that don't buy their content.

They've done better LAST GEN then any other gen with that exact mindset. They bought Relic, bought Creative Assembly, bought Atlus.

They did a fine job last gen with many, many titles. Even if some didn't come to the west, I think its better that Sega plays it smart and we can get games for years to come ,then have them lose money and not have those games exist at all for anyone.

Though as a gamer, I hate it a lot and wish we got all those titles, as a businessman, I 100% understand why they do what they do.

Its smart business is likely why Sega even enough to bank on great teams last gen. ie Atlus.

Will buy 5 Copies of Yakuza 5 to get them to port Zero lol jk, but will support it day one to show that their investment is very much worth it, even if its ONLY on PSN, for all we know ,they might start bring titles over only on PSN if they feel its less risky and costly.

Everyone wins.