Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Tech Alpha 0.4 Released, Includes Sword Combat, New Location and More

OnlySP: The newest update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now available and with it, our first look at the game's in-development combat mechanics, which we got a glimpse of at E3 2015.

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PockyKing1263d ago

I need to upgrade my computer to play this at the full settings. Or wait till Summer 2016 when it comes out on consoles cause I'm newb...

Kalebninja1263d ago

Oh my god, every time i see this name i think its kingdom hearts. why am i seeing the name of this game everywhere... know nothing about it or anyone that plays it.

psplova1263d ago

Man. My hype for this game has unfortunately dimished after watching pieces of that video. I hope it stays in development long enough to impress when it is finally released but after getting into the Witcher3, this looks kinda subpar on many levels. Crossing my fingers, I've been on board with this from the start and am hoping for the best..

urwifeminder1262d ago

Really interested in this and Ubi softs new game from the same period no magic woo hoo.