Halo 5: Guardians’ Warzone mode - Stevivor

True to 343 Industries’ word, Halo 5: Guardians’ Warzone mode really is player versus everything.

At E3 this year, Stevivor had a chance to go hands-on with the game.

The premise of Warzone can be boiled down to one simple objective: kill everything. Mastering the mode will require a lot more. In the new mode, teams of Red and Blue are deposited on a map. Each team will have a base at one side of the map, and before progressing any further, each team will need to secure their base, killing the computer-controlled NPCs that are holding position.

Once its base is clear, the team is able to head out into the map. On each map, there will be three hardpoints that can be secured and controlled. Controlling a point means it’ll earn you points; the first team to 1,000 points wins.

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PistolsAtDawn1142d ago

I was actually starting to wonder if, because MS knew this game mode was coming to Halo, they didn't try hard to secure further exclusive rights to Titanfall 2. It's a possibility I guess.

mhunterjr1142d ago

If I had to bet, the price of securing TitanFall 2 as an exclusive was prohibitively high, so MS is doubling down on their own games...

Halo2ODST21141d ago

I'm looking forward to warzone, hopefully it can out shine the decade old halo custom edition which 8 v 8 with tonnes of ai - flood, elites & spartans also with scarabs & longswords which drop nuclear bombs - all this on one map - hopefully halo 5 surpasses this.

urwifeminder1141d ago

Just looks chaotic will die many times just watching the carnage very cool.