Horizon: Zero Dawn - Beautiful Visuals, Robot Dinosaurs & Exploding Arrows. Sold

One of the best games to be revealed At E3 This Year was the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, a new IP from Guerrilla Games.

Authors Rossco and Neal really were impressed by the game at E3, and talk about their thoughts on the title.

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bjmartynhak898d ago

I'm sold. But the title only mentions the ice on the cake.

The gameplay sold the game for me.

Aloy-Boyfriend898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

It's like Guerrilla Games tapped directly into my brain. I always imagined an open world dinosaur game with stealth, and GG did the exact thing along with a new concept to make the game cooler and fresh. I mean, Robot friggin' Dinosaurs? It's like Turok and Zoids had a baby.

The premise is top-notch. Let's hope GG delivers, and I'm confident they will.

Good luck!

Dark11898d ago

I really don't like the main protagonist other than that everything looks amazing about this game.

GiroSoul898d ago

She reminds me of Ellie from TLoU but a grown up version. I like it. 2016 is definitely a great year for the ps4.

Dark11898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Honestly i'm tired of this type of female protagonists you see in this or tomb raider reboot
They're just trying so hard to make her believable and

at least Dishonored 2 is doing something different.

slappy508898d ago

How could you possibly not like her? Perhaps intimidated by strong women?

Sevir898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

So you want a hack and slash character in an open world RPG...? It's not the game you're looking for, and that isn't the type of character or story they are trying to tell. I disagree with your opinion... It's more lazy to make a paper thin character who's sole motivation is to kill everything brutally. the complexities of writing a capable yet vulnerable, strong and well rounded character, a female lead at that is tricky... You do too much and it comes across as feminist, you do too little and it comes across as pathetic over sexualized... If you want Kratos with boobs play BAYONNETTA...

PistolsAtDawn898d ago

It would be nice if you could change your character, but I'm not sure how central she is to the story.

Sevir898d ago

Aloy is her name and you can't change. The fact that she's the protagonist, means she's a central tenant to the story

PistolsAtDawn898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Why in the world would you downvote this?

Ok, I guess you can't change her character...I'm not cancelling my pre-order or anything, I still plan to play it.

guyman898d ago

Absolutely nothing wrong the protagnist at all so far. We havent seen much of her, so I dont know how you could not like her but alright. Anyhow, She seems very believable and likable. GG have done a great job.

Spotie898d ago

What? So now a female protagonist is a bad thing. Or rather, an excuse to find fault.

Dark11898d ago

I'm more than fine with a female protagonist
i just want a deadly Brutal serious..etc type of Character .. you know like Female version of kratos or batman?

the act of making her believable and innocent is just lazy and we have seen it alot in games.

TwoForce898d ago

Dark11 , let me tell you this. You have no right to force developer want to do their characters design what you like. You are just selfish, Dark11. Shame on you.

Aloy-Boyfriend898d ago (Edited 898d ago )


But where are getting that from? Are GG really making this chick innocent?
all they are trying to do is a string woman in a post apocalyptic setting. If you really want a katros-like protagonist, go and play God of War.

Spotie898d ago

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

It's not the type of game where a Batman or a Kratos would fit. Such a character wouldn't fit the little bit of story we already know, or the world in which that bit of story is told.

If what you want is another Nariko, you're waiting on a different game.

Thatguy-310898d ago

But even nariko wasn't like kratos or batman. Her Character had a sense of vulnerability.

Darkfist898d ago

you mean like nariko from heavenly sword?, anyway we still dont hows her role in the story, but the developers said the she's already a master huntress, so she's not that innocent

MasterCornholio898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Female version of Kratos?

Do you really want to play as a super muscular angry women?

Sounds like you want a shehulk game.

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gijsbrecht898d ago

@ Dark. Perhaps you should wait for the full game, instead of already have an opinion after a few minutes of gameplay. In my opinion Aloy seems to be a character one could grow into someone
to be much very fond of.

zsquaresoff898d ago

I was sold on the game when it was said that former developers of fallout and witcher games were going to be part of this game.

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