PS Plus Free Games – July Preview

July is here and with it comes new free games from PS Plus. Which of this months offerings do you like the most?

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Shinuz1023d ago

Cool wanted to buy styx on pc but was waiting for a pricedrop, guess I won't have to now :-)

Also I bought rain when it came out and really enjoyed it.

nucky641023d ago

yea - looking forward to styx....gonna give rain a look too.

Becuzisaid1023d ago

Heard Rocket League is fun so I'll try it but otherwise meh

Nick_The_Slick1023d ago

Geometry Wars 3 is fantastic on my X1.

nunley331023d ago

i'll try geometry wars on my PlayStationTV, it's looks like a fun Super StarDust HD clone. i'll try Styx and Rain.

Nick_The_Slick1023d ago

Haha, I don't know about clone... Geometry wars is way older than Stardust.. In fact, it dates to the original Xbox. The 3rd version simply brought 3d and it was a natural evolution stage.

Duoma1023d ago

really sick of indies. With a few exceptions like shovel knight,bastion,transistor, etc most of them suck. If I wanted to play something with dated graphics and mechanics I would dig out my NES, SNES and sega genesis.

Its like devs are milking these to buy time and cover up the fact that these "Next-gen" systems aren't really so next gen.
Please cut the indie and remaster bullcrap and release software that is actually tailored to current systems or I'm going to just stick to PC from now on.

uth111023d ago

You mean the same PC that has even more indies than the consoles do?

Duoma1023d ago

kinda useless arguing this on ng4 cus of the circle jerk bandwagon. im not trying to make this a "PC vs consoles" argument or war. but Im personally finding my self playing on pc more because of the countless remasters of games i already own and the deluge of indies.
Your tone of reply seems to me that your mindset is of the Pc vs console cultist minset so im not even going to bother.

Hellsvacancy1023d ago


But you did bother lol, best thing you could do is to whine to Sony instead of whining here were your comment (like mine) will be forgotten about come tomorrow

If it means that much to you, start a petition

Smokeeye1231023d ago

Im done with PS+ it is an embarassement. Started off so promising with Dont Starve, Resogun, and Outlast....and then the last 16 months happened.

uth111023d ago

For anybody feels disappointed this lineup, Rocket League is fantastic. At least give it a shot before dismissing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.