Blizzard Answers StarCraft 2 Questions - Batch 42

The latest batch of StarCraft 2 Questions answered by Karune has just been released. Among other things he touches on, Hydralisk changes, Battlecruiser details and mapmaking goodness.

This is an unusually short batch, and does not contain any gameplay blogs or other tidbits from the RTS CM, Karune. Even so, many fans will probably be happy to hear about the changes, and mapmaking aspects that will be available to fans.

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DJDarkstar3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Short batch, but some of those answers made me a very happy camper.

JsonHenry3766d ago

This game has to be done already... I mean, seriously. How much more "polish" can they possibly add?!

TheIneffableBob3766d ago

Well, StarCraft continued to be updated with patches 10 years after release, and StarCraft is the most balanced RTS I know of.

Leord3767d ago

Nooooo! Hydra down must mean that the Roach is now either gone or moved up! I have loved the Roach Rush since March 2008! =(


Synteny3767d ago

Why the hell do people ask questions like the cheat one? Blizzard always made cheats for their PC games, so that was a given...

Although Karune probably likes questions like that since he can add them to the batches to add volume to them. :P

DJDarkstar3767d ago

Yeah, roach rush did seem pretty cool, but I missed the Hydra as a backbone, Hydra's have always been my fav zerg breed. And the roach wouldn't be gone id say, just moved around to suit most likely.