Is Halo 5 the nail in the coffin for split-screen gaming?

Some of my favourite gaming moments of all time have come from split-screen gaming. The joy of sharing couch co-op with some of your buddies should not be underestimated. Whether it was sharing ¼ of the TV screen while playing Goldeneye, proving my racing stripes on too many racers to count, walking the Borderlands with a partner or hearing the cries of disapproval from my mate on the sofa next to me as I head-shotted him for the umpteenth time in Sidewinder on Halo: Combat Evolved. I always have been a split-screen fan and always will be; so it is with deep regret that I have been watching its demise over the last few years.

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mhunterjr1113d ago

No it isn't...

Black Ops 3 is bringing it back to much fanfare

BiggerBoss1113d ago

Im glad that BLOPs3 will have it, but I much prefer Halo to Call of Duty, and Im still pretty livid that Halo 5 wont feature splitscreen.

Halo 5 is THE reason Im getting an Xbox, and splitscreen with my roommaye and friends was always a huge selling point.

Split screen custom games in Halo 3 were the ****, and Im pretty pissed that 343 couldnt put in a simple split screen function, ESPECIALLY since the campaign missions will be squad based. Seems perfect for splitscreen imo

mhunterjr1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Yeah, it's disappointing, I too prefer halo... But that's how the market works sometimes... All generation, any game that wasn't hitting certain performance marks was lambasted, particularly on Xbox. Gamers 'seemed' to care much more about visuals, than features like Splitscreen...

Given folks buying habits, it sounds like 343i made some compromises early on in development in the name of performance, to the detriment of this much beloved feature...

Now the market is sounding off on how bad of a decision that was. I'll bet they'll do better next time, especially if people show a ton of appreciation for BlOps3 having it.

HaveSumNuts1112d ago

Black Ops 3? Really? It's literally the same game every year and some how it deserves a pat on the back for having split screen? Last year they added a double jump, this year they're adding wall running much progress so wow.

Zeref1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

You lost at "Simple splitscreen function"

I too am sad that it wont have splitscreen but i do understand why they did it and it's definitely not "simple".

They did because they were focusing on making the game have amazing graphics and it does. If they throw in a splitscreen mode they probably have to throw out a lot of the eyecandy.

rainslacker1112d ago

I'm disappointed because halo always made the rounds at our weekly gaming nights. Outside the first one, where i played the campaign, the only way I play Halo was in split-screen, and it's always tons of fun. I likely wouldn't even bother with the game even if I had an X1, because I'm not a big FPS fan to begin with...even though Halo is one of the few that I actually do like.

mikeslemonade1112d ago

Split-screen hasn't been a thing for a long time.

FriedGoat1112d ago

Rocket League says hello.

UKmilitia1112d ago

they wouldnt be able to run the resolution/graphics they aiming for with split screen imo.
i expect that to be the reason.

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Master-H1112d ago

I've hear it only has 2-player split screen like the last couple CoDs. That's useless to me. I want 4-player split screen like in the older (better) games!

3-4-51111d ago

No, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will have it.

nidhogg1113d ago

Ah I remember the good ol' days when me and my friends are playing Rainbow Six on split screen. Some kids will never appreciate the joy.

Hellsvacancy1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

It was Vigilante 8 and Goldeneye for me, me and my old school buddies missed an entire summer because we played those awesome games in splitscreen, it was like a full time job

Now my two children play Minecraft splitscreen most days, it's nice

Septic1112d ago

Omg Vigilante 8 split screen. So good!!

rainslacker1112d ago

Think the first one I remember playing was Sonic. Was awesome playing the game racing my friend to the finish.:)

Was the first time I remember not having to swap the controller between us outside a 2 player game like a fighting game or something like that.

Halo2ODST21112d ago

it was Nightfire & Halo 3 for me, it's sad that 343 thinks visual fidelity & fps is more important than fun gameplay. only if Bungie would return, Destiny is not their finest work but damn they're a great dev.

FlexLuger1113d ago

Nope. But I say that as a halo fan, who plays online, mostly, anyway though.

Its up to devs. But I prefer to play online. I still like co op same screen 2d games. But my eyes never liked splitscreen.

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optimus1112d ago

I found split screen more of a nuisance than anything...1st you're playfield is shrunk down dramatically, and it's very uncomfortable especially if you're used to viewing the full screen...2nd, the people playing against you can see where you are by glancing at the bottom screen, which makes it kind of cheap really...i don't miss it cause i rarely even used it, plus i live alone so it really doesn't benefit me...if i had kids to share a game with it wouldn't be halo that i would be playing with them.

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