How does 'Halo 5 Guardians' make up for past mistakes? Just you wait

This fall, Halo 5 Guardians presents itself to a waiting fanbase that's ready to tear it down.

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Rookie_Monster1258d ago

Free maps dlc at no charge, that Is how. Day one, already pre order.

Halo2ODST21257d ago

Halo 4's maps were quite bad, so 20 free maps from a dev that can't do multiplayer maps doesn't make up for lack of split screen, also I prefer quality over quantity, 20 lame maps for free or quality maps at a decent price ? Which would you choose...

StrayaKNT1257d ago

Halo 4 maps weren't bad actually I'm pretty sure you don't even like or play halo so get out of here all you do is talk about how 343 aren't good when they're obviously the best fps developers out there. Halo 5 beta proved that.

Halo2ODST21257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

@AussieGamer , my Gamer tag is "DBD Halo Legend" check it out if you don't think i play halo or if you think i hate it. Also i lost interest in the halo 5 beta, i don't hate it but im not fond if it either, it was kinda meh for me, lets judge the quality of the game on launch not a beta...

Foxhound9221257d ago

Aussie at it again. Really? 343 the best developers out there? Talented? Yes. The best? Subjective and you're in a major minority (oxymoron 😝)

Look at MCC and you can see they aren't the best developers in the world. Having said that, I have no doubt Halo 5 will be a really fun game.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1257d ago

Lool the halo 5 beta was amazing. Well at least you have black ops 3 and battlefront. Have fun with those.

I'll be enjoying the hell out of Halo 5 this October!!! Can't wait!! Warzone mode looks amazing!!!!

Benchm4rk1257d ago


343 did not develop MCC. Sabre Interactive, Certain Affinity and Ruffian developed and ported it. 343 just did the UI that tied it all together. So 343 should not be made to shoulder all the faults from MCC

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1257d ago

No doubt it's pre ordered.

I played the beta and it was just Slayer and Breakout modes and I had sooo much fun. I hadn't played halo since reach and I prefer campaign over multiplayer.

I was absolutely blown away by the beta. And seeing the new Warzone mode at E3 this is my most anticipated game this year. I don't need anything else lol. Fallout 4 will make a good companion to this game when I need like a few mins break from owning peeps lol

BiggerBoss1257d ago

I just hope custom games and forge are done properly. MCC really jacked up the forge mode imo, but that could be expected launching with 4 full games.

Jengha Tower, Zniper, Smear the *****, I had SOOOOO much fun with 3's custom games

Halo2ODST21257d ago

Did you ever play Sky Castle or Fatboy, halo 3 & Reach were times for custom games, some of the best moments in my life. Hopefully Halo 5 can do that as well but Halo 4 & Halo 2 Anniversary failed so to do that...

Zeref1257d ago

You only need to have played the beta to know this game is a must-have.

Also free map DLC. Nuff said.

Halo2ODST21257d ago

Any problems with Halo 5, errr, free maps duhhh, try a better counter.

Foxhound9221257d ago

I love how people disregard a Halo veteran's concern, as long as they get free maps.

Halo2ODST21257d ago

@FoxHound - it's nice to fellow non-fanboys on Halo articles for once.

FlexLuger1257d ago

Foxhound922 + 31m ago

"I love how people disregard a Halo veteran's concern, as long as they get free maps."

You say that like other people who disagree with are not veteran halo fans too. And whats with the fake concern? You only need to go as far as the second and third page of your comment history to see, that you are NOT even an xbox gamer, let alone a halo fan. You found a disgruntled halo player on N4G, and are clinging on to his every word in hope that we think he is right because he is a "halo veteran". You simply agree with him because he has something bad top say about 343is handling of halo 4. because most of us dont have halo related AVis and usernames dont mean that we havent been playing just as long as HALO2ODST2.

I loved the beta. I like where they are going with it. And warzone looks immense.

Foxhound9221256d ago


Do I have to be an Xbox gamer to see the hypocrisy of people attacking a halo fan's opinion? Also, though I may not be an Xbox gamer, I HAVE played multiple Halo games. Why don't you do a little more research through my comment history and try to find anything negative towards halo. In fact, I recall mostly positive things. Get off your high horse and grow up.

WizzroSupreme1256d ago

War Zone should be the only answer you need.