Sony ‘has the ambition of making sure PS4 is home of fighting games,’ says Capcom

PS4 seeks to become the 'home of fighting games' as Capcom's relationship with Sony strengthens.

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ABizzel11259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Smart thing to do. If you dominate a genre then fans of that genre will pick your console up, knowing it's the go to for said genre.

Same thing 360 did with the FPS last-gen.

This gen it seems to be all about open world.

ltachiUchiha1259d ago

I feel like alot of japanese devs last gen tried too hard to attract the western crowd and kinda lost alot of fans in the process. Im glad they went back to their roots. The more JRPG's, the better.

ABizzel11259d ago


I think they saw the JP console gaming market was shrinking, but it's the fact that they're JP games that the western audience, buys their games anyway. They're unique and different.

KwietStorm1259d ago

Very true. Even Square seems to have come back home, early this generation. I certainly wasn't expecting their E3 conference to be as good as it was. Never mind FFVII.

Blaze9291259d ago

Hmm, i guess this is why the Ultra SF4 tournament at Evo 2015 will be played on XBOX 360.

silvacrest1259d ago

the PS4 version was suppoed to be the definitive edition, instead it was a shambles, that is the only reason.

besides this may very well be the last SF4 Evo

DragonKnight1259d ago

Just because Sony has the ambition, doesn't mean Capcom does. At least when it comes to choosing a developer that can port properly, which isn't a problem exclusive to them.

1259d ago
Artemus1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

@DragonKnight, @bruce755

Sony produced and published the PS4 version, so it was Sony's fault, they were in charge of the port and they chose the developer.


First paragraph:
"What’s more, [SCEA’s] Third Party Production is producing and publishing both titles for those platforms."

DragonKnight1259d ago

@Artemus: Ultra Street Fighter 4 was ported to PS4 by Other Ocean Interactive and Capcom made assurances that the input lag from the PS3 version would be fixed and they weren't. Sony did not develop the game, nor port it. Production and Publishing doesn't mean they were responsible for the port.

It's Capcom's fault for lying about the input lag and choosing a substandard development team to port the game.

Artemus1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


Wtf are you talking about, producing and publishing something does exactly mean that you are responsible for it, period.

Yes, Capcom had its share of blame, but lets not pretend Sony didn't have anything to do with it when they were completely in charge of the PS4 port, they were the ones that outsourced the project to Other Ocean.

PurpHerbison1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

USFIV and UMvC3 are the only major fighters that have to be ran on 360 because the PS3 versions are inferior. (PS4 version of USFIV is now on par with 360 after the 2nd patch)
Majority of competitive fighting games are still ran on Sony hardware. P4AU is ran on PS3, TTT2 is ran on PS3, UNIEL is ran on PS3, MKX is ran on PS4, GGXrd is ran on PS3, and I'm sure the smaller communities such as Skullgirls run on PS3 as well.
In short, nothing is changing. Sony has always been home for fighting games.

Snookies121259d ago

@Artemus - Sure, the port was a bad choice on Sony's end, but they're only half to blame for it. Capcom take the other half. They didn't bother making the definitive edition of their main fighting franchise in house, like they should have. If Capcom had actually cared enough to do it themselves, we wouldn't have had port issues.

KwietStorm1259d ago

Actually there's a very specific reason it's on the 360, as it has been for years, and it only came down to timing. Please don't be that guy.

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kingdom181259d ago

That is exactly what they did with JRPGs.

ChronoJoe1257d ago

If they want to dominate the genre then they're going to need something like Smash.

The difference between these fighters and Smash, is accessibility. Smash gets more sales and more players at tournaments because the game is easy to pick up and play. While Street Fighter and games alike are fantastic titles, it's nice to have more accessible titles like Smash to draw people into the genre.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

If this is true, then they should revive Bloody Roar. That fighting game series was great on PS1.

Angeljuice1259d ago

I don't think they will be taken seriously as a true fighting platform until they have a new Clay Fighter and Rise of the Robots commissioned. /s

bit-crusherrrr1259d ago

Pah, they are nothing. I demand a HD remake of the atari jaguar classic Kasumi Ninja. Then and only then is it serious.

Multiplatguy1259d ago ShowReplies(7)
bouzebbal1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Being a fan of fighting games I cannot be happier.
Now please give us snk vsg capcom 3. Pleaaaaaase !
I miss a good rival schools as well. That series is fire !
Next is maybe Tekken vs SF. A Tekken announcement is planned for the coming days.
*fingers crossed*

boing11259d ago

Announcement is supposed to be T7 related. Personally, all I want from Namco is TTT2 remaster for current gen. That's the only game I'm using my PS3 for at this moment.

PurpHerbison1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

SNK vs Capcom would be cool. I trust SNK wouldn't dumb their game down. Capcom on the other hand tries to appeal to everyone in their fighters as of late. Even in SFV they are doing lame things like removing close normals and taking away "complicated" motions such as 360 and 720 motions. Always slightly worried when it comes to Capcom these days. Not to say CvS3 wouldn't be a good game, I just think a new SvC would align more with what I want from a fighter.

pompombrum1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Being honest, PS4 was likely to be the home of fighters regardless of this exclusive deal but ultimately this exclusive deal will benefit SF fans.

Multiplatguy1259d ago

How does this deal benefit SF fans? This is the same as Tomb Raider, it neither benefits the game nor the fans.

I don't quite understand how this makes PS the home of fighters either.

pompombrum1259d ago

Everybody who buys SF5 will be able to play together. That benefits fans as it keeps the community together. It just doesn't benefit Xbox fans.

LightofDarkness1259d ago

@aiBreeze: cross platform play is not difficult this generation. They could easily allow it.

Baka-akaB1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

It's a no brainer than having access to cross play with PC is going to benefits SF fans imo . It's a pity that it's not multi and cross play everywhere , but every concerned parties had a chance to chimes in at some point

DragonKnight1259d ago

@LightofDarkness: Cross-platform by itself is not difficult, cross-platform between Xbox and PS4 is not going to happen. Ever.

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Charybdis1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Last gen most most matches were played on the 360 due to less input lag etc.
With SF going exclusive to sony there will probably be a few pissed of people. I do think the fighting game community will try to stick to one platform.
With killer instinct on the xb1 and their proven support of these (fighting) game tournaments I honestly didn't expected SF to be sony exclusive.

pompombrum1259d ago

I honestly didn't expect SF to be exclusive but Killer Instinct aside, most other fighters preferred platform is the PS. I think MK has a better following on Xbox but even then, PS4 is the platform of choice for offline events.

Baka-akaB1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Pretty much only SF4 had an impact favoring the 360 on the tournament and online scenes . Ultimate Marvel took a long time to switch to 360 for tournaments because again of tech issues . Many fighting games were japanese centric and "anime" styled game that found a bigger home on ps consoles .

And then there is Killer Instinct on XB1 , wich is still relatively new , and following by a fanbase , but not that wildly popular .

Charybdis1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I see your point as I do believe that mortal combat will be played on the ps4 on the next evo. However ultra street fighter and marvel vs capcom will still be on the x360 if I remember correctly.
edit:Other fighting games at evo 2015 on ps3 are guilty gear x and persona 4.

Christopher1259d ago

Not sure where you get your data, but last generation most fighter games were played on PS3 for competition. EVO was pretty much PS3 centric.

Charybdis1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

@ cristopher
Mostly from watching streams from competitions. To be fair I am not really familiar with fighting games such as guilty gear x and persona 4. But thats what I learned after looking up what gonna be on evo 2015 (see official link in my other comment).
If there is information or data available saying otherwise feel free to point me towards always happy to learn new things

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Ol_G1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

This deal doesn't benefit SF fans it only benefits Sony fans.
Being a SF fan doesn't mean you own a ps4 so saying it's good for the community is BS cause part of the community that bought a X1 is cut off so how does it benefit the community?
And i'm saying this as a ps4 and wii u owner i don't even own an x1 and only have 1 friend and 2 nephews who have one but let's be honest the only who benefits from this is Sony not the fans of the series

And ofcourse the fanboys start disagreeing instead of bringing up a valid reason and explain how the community benefits from this

pompombrum1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Having everything centred around a single platform is of great benefit to the community, especially seeing how Capcom are pushing the competitive side of things. Just look at MK, official online events are on X1 while offline events are on PS4, for those competing in that game, it has to be an unnecessary headache.

Also thinking long term, everyone being able to play each other is going to be great three years down the line instead of having a split userbase like on SF4.

This doesn't just benefit Sony fans but the FGC as a whole. I see what you're saying and it kind of does suck for those who just want to own an Xbox One but as someone with no console loyalties but a huge fan of SF and everything FGC related, the benefits of this deal far outweigh the negatives.

If cross platform was available between X1 and PS4 and peripherals like fight sticks were compatible with both consoles, then yeah there would be little benefits to this deal however as things stand now, for SF fans, this exclusive deal benefits them.

Spotie1259d ago

For one, most fighting game fans buy PlayStation consoles. This is more or less an established fact, based on how sales of every multiplat fighting game are better on PlayStation.

For another, being able to play cross-platform benefits the fans; that's happening because of Sony. Indeed, Microsoft has been pretty adamant about NOT allowing cross-platform outside of a few examples.

Lastly, it benefits Street Fighter fans because the game is actually being made now, as opposed to being many years down the road. If you can't see how that's good for SF fans...

Artemus1259d ago

Everyone seems to forget that Sony is partially funding SF5, in other words: no Sony exclusivity = no SF5. So of course Sony's deal with Capcom benefits SF fans.

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