Watch Final Fantasy XIII being made

It's someone from Square Enix's developer staff doing the requisite rendering of part of the Final Fantasy XIII game world on Maya. It doesn't tell us much about the story, but you can't deny how good it looks. Of course, if Ian's predictions on where this game will be going, you can definitely be sure that this only a small taste of the awesomeness that has yet to reveal itself to the gaming public.

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Bhai4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago ) know that the pre-rendered-CGI looking trailer was infact real-time rendering done on the PS3. The unmatchable power is clearly in sight and this video is also a proof in itself that CGI quality is more than just achievable on PS3, alongwith the MotorStorm title but much ahead. The sheer poly-count and extraordinary light and texture work puts Unreal based engines to shame. Great work Square. This clip here really puts FF-XIII on top of the PS3-killer-apps roster for me. Awesome !!!

DJ4387d ago

So many people (including me) thought that part of the trailer was pre-rendered...and there it is. Realtime. So many damn polygons, and the lighting...

PS3's a beast, and Square kicks ass.

kmis874387d ago

Honestly, I can't tell anything from that video.

coolfool4387d ago

for a render don't they create the 3d models first just like this and then get the computer to actually create the final movie at a later stage?

Does someone else know more about this?

I don't want to burst peoples bubbles but I am not convinced this is a representation of the realtime in-game graphics.

DJ4387d ago

a hell of a long time. I do 3D modeling/animation and depending on the quality you want, each frame can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 days to render.

What the artist was doing was rotating and zooming through the 3D model, but with the system rendering it (all shader/lighting effects on). Even though they're pushing a hell of a lot of polygons, whoever made it was really efficient with what was available to them.

beans4387d ago

Screw the game and just give me a movie of this and Halo 3! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.