I Finally Felt Like a Space Wizard in Destiny: The Taken King | VGChartz Preview

VGChartz's Nick Pantazis: "I played six rounds of Mayhem Clash in total - two per subclass - and came away impressed. The subclasses are fresh, and the mode adds some chaotic fun that Destiny has otherwise been lacking. It’s not a mode for serious competitive players, but it does make good on the promise of being a space wizard."

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FamilyGuy1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I'm looking forward to this new mode and the taken king expansion altogether but the pricing is horrendously offensive to long-time players.

"The Taken King will be out on September 15th for $40 if you already own all the Year One content DLC and the base game, or $60 for the full Year One content and expansions"

I hate the pricing sooooo much. No matter which way you look at it, either new players are getting the base game and the first two expansions for $20 or the long time players are getting screwed out of $40 while new players are getting the expansion for $20.

The pricing just never makes sense.

Expansion 1 $20------$15---$10----Free
Expansion 2 $20------$15---$10----Free
Base game Free?----$15---Free---$20
Taken King - $20------$15---$40----$40

How are they paying $60 for EVERYTHING and we're paying $40 or just ONE thing? Its ridiculous. Anywhere from $30 to free makes way more sense.