Saints Row 2: Customization Trailer

Trailer of customization features.

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dro3765d ago

this is what was missing from gta4 and to think they had most of this things in gta3 and scareface the game. im trading in gta4 for saint row2 when it comes out.


To be able to customize your own room looks sweet i will build a bunker and make a war against the police with my gangsta bros.

cellypower3765d ago

yep GTA 4 is getting traded in.

ger1013765d ago

Can't wait to play this! :)

TOSgamer3765d ago

Seems like they are including all the fun stuff GTA 4 left out. The graphics seems to have improved a lot from the first one as well.

TheColbertinator3765d ago

Sister Souljah with a machine gun lol

M4I0N33765d ago

i think its a duplicate story