Lefties better at games?

Australian research suggests that left-handers might be a bit better at games than their right-handed counterparts.

That's because, according to a report published in the Neuropsychology journal, sharing of information between the left and right sides of a left-hander's brain is "more efficient".

Dr Nick Cherbuin from the Australian National University told ABC Science Online that this would help with tasks that involve lots of information or stimuli, including "fast computer games".

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joemutt4360d ago

They played a deathmatch and the lefties won, so they came to the conclusion that left-handed people are better at video games?

They should have given them different colored shirts, so you could find out what color makes you a better gamer.

MicroGamer4360d ago

left handed people are right brain dominant and the right brain is where creativity lies. Right handed people are left brain dominant, which is more analytical.

uxo224359d ago

so what about people that are equally good with both hands, and never favored either. Are they creatively analytical; or Analytically Creative?

Grown Folks Talk4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

and i can beat her at anything. she doesn't have the patience or tolerance when things don't go her way. she sticks with harry potter, scooby doo, and stuff like that on her gamecube. even those, there are times when i expect a broken controller. reminds me of the old sega genesis days when me and my friends would break em during our madden and nhl seasons. (bet you won't stick anymore b button) maybe they meant lefties that aren't my wife.

calderra4359d ago

Wow that's sad.
It's like the guy in the mall who makes his girlfriend play a random game just to humiliate her in public.

Grown Folks Talk4359d ago

she's left handed, but isn't a strong gamer. she plays games, but isn't great at them. kinda shoots down the lefties is better theory. i guess since you feel bad for her it's sad. she doesn't care. she'd tell you the exact same thing.

Marriot VP4359d ago

well my brother's a lefty and he isn't too good at halo.

However lefties probably are better at most things because when their young their constantly challenged and feel unique that their left handed and that usually breeds a better person. Either way, who gives a crap

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