SEGA cashes in with million seller on Wii

"Mario and Sonic has made gaming history with over a million software units sold on the Nintendo Wii within the UK alone," SEGA Europe North MD Alan Pritchard told MCV. "The title has been an immediate hit from launch and we will continue to re-invest and market this title throughout the rest of the year with a hope of reaching over two million sales by the end of our financial year."

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TheColbertinator3791d ago

You know what would cash in millions SEGA?

SHENMUE 3!!!!!!!!!

ItsDubC3791d ago

I doubt it unfortunately, even tho it would likely be a great game.

Shortstop3791d ago

Hahaha only if you're willing to pay a few million dollars for it!

Not saying it's not a good game (I found it pretty good honestly), but it just doesn't sell that well for some reason.

SolidSnake933790d ago

New Shining Force please and don't let it suck like the post-sega apocolype ones.

kevnb3791d ago

sonic & mario at the olympics is the mascot for the wii haters.

Voiceofreason3791d ago

Why you hate the Wii is simple. It's winning. Never heard a valid point yet and that one is by far the dumbest.. But please continue to think you have a valid point. THe Wii is far from perfect but until you kids actually own one to know what its faults are nobody is going to take you seriously.. My god a game with Mario and Sonic received high sales...WHat a totally valid reason to hate the Wii.....

shine13963791d ago

how about standing still in the graphics department? the graphics on the wii belong to a time far gone...

Voiceofreason3790d ago

@shine, No I dont consider that a valid point either. 140 million people bought or are still buying the PS2 and it was inferior to the xbox and GC in every way.Since 70% of last gens gamers went with inferior graphics I see no reason to discount the Wii this gen. It's funny how the inferior console won the last 2 gens and an inferior portable is outselling its superior competition and you try to bring up graphics like you have a valid point.

GFahim3791d ago

Then go and watch a fukin movie while we have fun playing it!

specialguest3790d ago

I'm glad Sega found a little success with this game. I kinda miss the Sega of old...back when they had a fighting chance.

jinn3790d ago

only cause the beijing olympics are near