Gears of War: Ultimate Edition: Beta Findings and Fixes

From June 15 to June 23, The Coalition invited players to participate in an Open Beta for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

Thanks to player feedback, the development team at The Coalition will implement the following fixes and improvements.

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slate911145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

"private matches on dedicated servers"

Oh joy, oh joy.
No more having to worry about host advantage or lag in clan battles :' )

gangsta_red1144d ago

lol, I used to love getting messages from people cussing at me about Host Advantage.

Kingdomcome2471144d ago

I never played the original, but I was able to try out the Beta. I was really awful at the game (actually awful doesn't quite describe it), but I'm really looking forward to it's release now. I can't wait to play the campaign for the first time, and in split-screen co-op!

WilDRangeRfc1144d ago

Dont worry just keep playin and practising,watch good players closely and you will improve.
I went from 0.5 KD from the first game to 1.9 KD in Gears 3 and slightly higher in Judgement.
I struggled with the Gnasher for quite a while then it all just clicked,you can do the same as me bud,just enjoy being part of the Gears family and have fun thats all that matters,we all contribute exactly the same amount to the Gears community.

jannytime1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

A 9 year old game is gonna take up most of my online playing time this year. Says how good this games multiplayer really is.

ifistbrowni1144d ago

My brother is buying an Xbox One specifically because of this game. He loved the original Gears and he loved the beta. He spent more time on it than I had (on my xbox one).

r3f1cul1144d ago

and also how incredibly dry and bland most other mp games have become :/

GearSkiN1144d ago

Active sniper shouldn't stay on player match with none on rank

IRetrouk1144d ago

Active sniper should be gone altogether, horrible cheap way to get a kill.

theFAYEsorceress1144d ago

i loved this game when it came out and prolly would still love it. i only played up to 3 but it still has one of the best horde modes around. i don't see how other devs screw up horde modes so badly when all you have to do is just copy gears... i'm definitely getting this when i finally get an xb1.

TheHaloGuy1144d ago

Horde wasn't introduced until Gears 2. No horde, sorry bud.

Doja1144d ago

Can't wait for this. My only regret is not have an Xbox 1 (will soon) to play the beta and get some weapon shaders. Can anyone tell me if the Theron guard was playable or available for MP in the beta?

jannytime1144d ago

Yea both therons were available

Doja1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Sweet! Thanks for the reply janny.

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The story is too old to be commented.