Konami looks back at E3 2015 in 'Eyes of the Fox' recap video

Konami has published a new video that looks back at Metal Gear Solid V's E3 presence, showing the booth, the excitement during the gameplay demonstrations and to the new trailer, and the reactions from the community.

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Normann1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I don't get it..
At one hand they don't want to talk about what is happening backstage with the director, Hideo and/or give him any Credit. On the other hand they want to showcase the product for how good it is showcasing peoples reactions..

I'm confused. Don't know what to think

Nyxus1231d ago

They still want their game to be a success, and talking about Kojima leaving might damage that. Although being silent isn't really helping either.

PlayableGamez1231d ago

Konami would be shooting themselves in the foot if they didn't give Kojima credit.

nidhogg1231d ago

It's called promoting THEIR product. Hideo Kojima may have created the series but he does not own the IP and he is not the only one to be credited for making the game. The fund to make the game also came from Konami.

kingjosh18761231d ago

How can we get a message across to Konami? I want to enjoy Hideo Kojimas' creation but I don't want to give money to a shitty company.

PlayableGamez1231d ago

Konami is not a shitty company, they are just making stupid decisions at the moment. If you want a game, get a game. Even if you don't like that company or buy it used. I may not like the decisions Konami has been making, but I am not going to let their future plans stop me from playing possibly the last good game they will ever release.

nidhogg1231d ago

Shitty because they fired that one guy you idolize? Hmm really now? MGS was but one of the various great franchises Konami gave us over the years. Talk what you will about them but DDR, Castlevania, Silent Hill, and the others speak for themselves. Please don't mistake a "shocking" event over a company's rap sheet.

kingjosh18761231d ago

I do idolize him yes, but I think the MGS games are some of the greatest pieces of art in the gaming industry, if a game could ever be considered 'art'.

Konami clearly are not patrons of meaningful art forms and would rather fill the games with microtransactions and DLC, on top of putting them out on every possible platform, damaging the integrity of the games.

I agree with what Baka-akaB said too, they haven't done anything good with their other franchises lately. What have they done with Silent Hill recently? What have they done with Castlevania other than turn it into a 3D God of War clone?

Baka-akaB1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I dont think people are calling them shitty over just MGS and the kojima affair . It's a convergence of likeminded decisions , and destruction of their own franchises . When was the last time you had an actual DDR that wasnt a rehash of a rehash ? There hasnt been a good Silent hill since the ps2 era after SI4 . Castlevania is all but gone , and mostly had some (good) hack and slash spin-off that couldnt even keep it's quality for more than one game .

They purchased Hudson Soft , but let its license rot away , even Bloody Roar despite a massive renewal of fighting games .

They drove away everyone involved in Suikoden , and didnt do much with it lately .

They even let go of the guys behind Love Plus which actually was successful ...

They couldnt even do a remaster properly yet . The silent Hill collection is an awful mess , running worse than on PS1 and PS2 . And they could only get ZOE2 fixed after an heavy patch from another port studio

The last great non MGS game Konami had , was the Contra digital game directed by Arcsys and the director of Guilty Gear . They dont even hint at a sequel or follow up to that .
Oh and PES wich finally looked in shape again this year .

So yeah i'd excuse people for being bummed at not only loosing Kojima , wich was always going to happen at some point , but also the whole talented , studio he built to take over his stuff , and then having Konami trying to erase all trace of him from his last opus .

PaleMoonDeath1231d ago

Can't wait to read the crazy stories and comments between Konami and Kojima once MGS5 has released and they officially part ways, should make for one hell of a damned show.