First Ear Force X4 Gaming Headset - Review

A couple months ago PlanetXbox360 brought our readers a review of Turtle Beach's Ear Force X3 gaming headset and ended up very happy with their wireless offering. Now we have a chance to put the newest edition in the Ear Force series, the X4's, through its paces. What Turtle Beach did was take all the complaints or constructive criticism received on its X3 product and fixed, tweaked, or modified them into this new gaming headset. The situations where a gamer would need a high quality wireless set of headphones for their Xbox 360 is coming about more and more as developers push the limits on the audio portions of today's next-gen video games. Featuring full Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support and a slew of other features helps catapult the X4's into the top choice for gaming headphones.

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Nevers3770d ago

three of my friends have the last Turtle Beach model and I was very close to buying one; but, there's been some issues. They can usually always hear me, but when the batteries are low (and they can never tell but they always are) I can barely hear them at all. They really drain the batteries too they say.

UltimaEnder3770d ago

Weird, I had no issue whatsoever with the X4's and battery life, the X3's yes but not so much with the new model; I have put 10+ hours into them and not replaced the batteries once, plus everyone can always hear me ultra-clear on the other side when playing Xbox Live games!

Nevers3770d ago

I'll ask em if it's the x3 or x4 they're on... maybe they have older models than I think.

UltimaEnder3770d ago

Maybe so, the X4 just came out in a few stores last week but is still sort of hard to find!