Crytek's Virtual Reality Tech Demo Made Me Fear For My Life, and That's A Good Thing | OnlySP

OnlySP: Virtual reality is set to revolutionize player immersion in the entertainment least, that's what the developers of such technology promise. Based on Crytek's VR tech demo that Nick Plessas and I were able to play during E3, however, that statement is far from just exaggeration.

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Sethry1011263d ago

I wish I was brave enough to play horrors on VR. I can imagine it's the best way to play them, but nope!

medman1263d ago

VR devices are going to have to come with huge warnings and disclaimers...not just for someone possibly having a heart attack from a horror game while wearing it (or injuring themselves because they get a shock scare and fall down or lash out and break a part of themselves or some equipment), but for some people having issues with motion sickness.

Shinuz1262d ago

What about neck injuries?

Flewid6381262d ago

Considering the epilepsy warnings they/ve bee issuing since the late PS2 era and on, I would imagine that's pretty standard.

Any visually interactive experience will usually come with such things.

UKmilitia1262d ago

im in your camp mate,i couldnt play PT.
dead space is my limit.

starchild1263d ago

Sounds like a cool demo. I'm really looking forward to Robinson The Journey. Crytek seems to be fully behind VR and the premise of this game seems interesting. If nothing else I'm sure Crytek will create some of the most detailed and realistic VR environments ever.

masterfox1263d ago

Remember the days we use to buy games to have fun ? Now we are buying games to get scared and feel that we are going to die, daammmmn

Mr Tretton1263d ago

Being scared by things that aren't real IS fun...for those with a set of nuts.

jholden32491262d ago

Yep, your desire to be scared is what put that set of testicles between your legs.


Playing a game to experience fear isn't my idea of entertainment- anymore than huffing gasoline or beating your head into a brick wall for kicks

Shinuz1262d ago

Woah i never really thought about it.

masterfox1262d ago

Testing testing, please ignore this message :P

dreamoner1263d ago

Crytek's still over-obsessed with tech eh? They should have understood by now making cool games prevents companies from going bankrupt, instead of pushing the tech only to bring it down to work on consoles.

Lonnie181262d ago

If they can do some of the games in the movie Lawnmore Man that would be very cool.

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